• Loviya

Happy Mother's Day!

Updated: May 11, 2019

As a guy, many times I do not fully appreciate or realize all the things that the women in my life have done for me and the family. As i write this, it starts to dawn on me how much they love, care and sacrifice, as do all the mummies in this world.

This letter is dedicated to my wife, my mum and all the mummies. 

Thank you for enduring all the needle pricks and tests during pregnancy, when you used to cry at the smallest tinge of blood, just because you want to ensure any pregnancy conditions will not affect our baby.

Thank you for gaining weight during pregnancy, when you used to get upset over a 0.5kg weight gain, just because you want our baby to keep growing inside your tummy.

Thank you for having stretch marks on your tummy, when you used to be proud of your smooth tummy, just because you are carrying our baby inside.

Thank you for pumping milk at night, when you used to sleep peacefully without any worry, just because you want to ensure our baby has enough milk in the day.

Thank you for enduring all the mastitis and insisting to continue breastfeeding, when you used to cry at the slightest pain, just because you are told breastmilk is best for our baby.

Thank you for offering our kids the last piece of your favourite cake and pretending you don’t like it, when you used to finish everything on your own, just because our kids say they love it.

Thank you for carrying our 10kg+ kids around, when you used to find a 5kg load heavy, just because our kids are tired from walking.

Thank you for keeping your nails short and clean, when you used to go for manicure almost every week, just because you worry you may accidentally scratch our kids.

Thank you for that messy hair bun and dark circles, when you used to be concerned about your appearance, just because you spend all your time taking care of our kids with virtually no time to pamper and take care of yourself.

Thank you for cooking every meal, when you hardly entered the kitchen in the past, just because you want the family to eat healthy. 

Thank you for everything you have done for us, without a single complaint, when you used to lead a carefree lifestyle, just because you love us. 

Happy Mother's Day.