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Best diapers for newborns and babies under 1 in Singapore 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020


Best diapers in Singapore for newborns & babies under 1

1. Cheapest diapers: Drypers Touch

2. Most skin-friendly diapers: Bosomi Premium Real Cotton

3. Most eco-friendly & safest diapers: Bambo Nature

4. Most hydrating diapers: Huggies Gold

With your new bundle of joy automatically comes an instant new routine in your life: changing diapers.

While there is growing awareness of the benefits of cloth diapers, many first-time parents still buy disposable diapers, at least for the first year of baby’s life. Sometimes it takes a while to understand your baby’s skin condition or sensitivities before committing to reusable cloth diapers, while many a time, it’s just more practical, especially during the newborn stage.

Imagine: trying to deal emotionally, mentally and physically with a major new phase of your life called parenthood, and at the same time learning how to understand and care for a new human being from scratch, from feeding to cleaning to carrying to singing lullabies……..you get the picture.

So what should new parents look out for when selecting disposable diapers for their precious baby girl or boy? Here’s what we think of some common criteria used:

1. Cost: Whether exclusively breastfed or formula-fed, a newborn baby usually passes motion 6 to 8 times every 24 hours. That means at least 6 to 8 diaper changes per 24 hours. This “improves” to 3 to 5 times every 24 hours as your baby approaches 1 year old. Needless to say, cost is a very important factor.

2. Skin sensitivity: Another very important factor. Sometimes it takes time for new parents or doctors to understand and determine the skin condition and sensitivities of a newborn baby, such as proneness to diaper rash, prickly heat rash, certain skin allergies.

Among the many things that a newborn baby can seemingly inexplicably cry over, the last thing you want is your baby wailing through the night and you not realizing it’s because of the diaper irritating his or her bum bum.

Ideally, the diaper choice should be more suited to sensitive skin, such as being more eco-friendly, or made of more natural or softer materials, or contains natural soothing or hydrating ingredients. Take note though, that such diapers tend to cost more.

3. Absorptive capacity: Is this an important factor? Honestly not really.

With the size of baby’s stomach, the amount of milk intake, and the frequency of poo poo and diaper changes, especially during the first 6 months, most of the diaper brands out there have more than enough to handle the load.

Besides, you will be changing diapers in the middle of the night, so overnight absorption is not as critical as say, when your baby is 2 or 3 years old.

4. Comfort and fit: Again, if this an important factor? No, especially for newborn babies.

While it is important that a diaper get the basics right in this area, such as making sure the tape or elastic band doesn’t chafe into the baby’s skin or leave angry red marks, or rub too much against the navel area, how is a diaper supposed to fit comfortably and snugly when a newborn baby’s waist and thighs are so tiny?

There will be gaps, especially around the thighs and sometimes at the back area, which is why poo leakages are relatively more common during the newborn stage. Again, this factor usually becomes more important only when your child reaches toddler age.

So what are our picks for the best disposable diapers for newborns and babies under 1 in each category? Read on to find out!

Best diapers in Singapore for newborns & babies under 1

Cheapest diapers: Drypers Touch

Priced from $0.14 per piece and $0.15 per piece for size NB and S respectively, Drypers Touch is our pick for the cheapest diapers.

Other than being light on your wallet, another noteworthy feature is its special notched design to protect your baby’s navel area, specifically the umbilical cord stump.

Without such a design, air flow around the umbilical cord stump will be more restricted, hindering its recovery. Worse, in some cases the stump can even get inflamed due to the diaper rubbing against it.

Price per piece (based on lowest price in loviya.com as of 26 Oct 20)

NB: $0.14

S: $0.15

You can request for a Drypers free sample to try on your baby first.

Also, check out Loviya’s Drypers page for the best deals for Drypers diapers in Singapore!

Most skin-friendly diapers: Bosomi Premium Real Cotton

A disposable diaper usually consists of 3 main components – the inner layer/top sheet which is the first line of contact with your baby’s skin, the middle layer of absorbent core to absorb, distribute and lock away your baby’s pee and poo, and the outer waterproof layer.

To prevent diaper rash or other unwanted/allergic skin reactions, other than the absorbent properties of the middle layer, the inner layer is key. This inner layer is the one that’s in direct contact with your baby’s skin. Especially if your baby is moving, you definitely do not want a rough inner layer rubbing against the delicate skin.

Hence our pick of Bosomi Premium Real Cotton as the most skin-friendly diaper.

Its inner layer is made from 100% certified pure natural cotton from the USA.

In fact, the cotton is even classified as a food product in the USA.

Take note, though, that this diaper is infused with natural lavender oil, and you may want to check if your baby is allergic to lavender oil first.

Also, the prices are on the high side compared to other diaper series, as you can see below.

Price per piece

NB: $0.39

S: $0.43

You can request for free Bosomi samples or purchase samples from Shopee or Lazada

Most eco-friendly & safest diapers: Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature is often recognized as one of the most eco-friendly, greenest and safest diapers, and for good reason.

If you are feeling guilty over the potential environmental impact of using disposable diapers or concerned over how safe a diaper is for your child, Bambo Nature is a good consideration.

Bambo Nature strives to use as few chemicals and additives as possible in its diapers, and is one of the most transparent diaper brands when it comes to disclosing its ingredients and manufacturing processes to consumers.

This is especially reassuring for parents who are concerned with what ingredients, especially petrochemical-based ones, are in the diapers and the potential long-term effects on their baby.

Bambo Nature diapers are declared free of a long list of potentially or proven harmful substances, such as fragrances, phthalates, heavy metals, chlorine, formaldehyde, PVC, and other known allergens and irritants.

It was the first baby diaper brand in the world certified with the Nordic Ecolabel. As a bonus, its inner layer is made of bamboo.

All these, as you may have guessed, do not come cheap, with Bambo Nature diapers being one of the most expensive brands based on our price comparisons here in Loviya.

Price per piece (based on lowest price in loviya.com as of 26 Oct 20)

NB: $0.46

S: $0.47

You can try requesting for a Bambo Nature free sample via the Bambo Nature Singapore Facebook page.

Feel free to also check out Loviya’s Bambo Nature page for the best deals for Bambo Nature diapers in Singapore!

Most hydrating diapers: Huggies Gold

While a skin-friendly inner layer is important for your baby’s bum bum, it’s definitely a big bonus if the diaper can also help to hydrate and moisturize the bum bum to keep it soft, smooth and supple.

Huggies Gold diapers take our pick for this. Compared to other diapers, it not only contains Vitamin E, but also natural extracts of chamomile and aloe vera for extra soothing and hydration for baby’s skin.

No wonder it’s been clinically proven to prevent diaper rash.

What’s more, it’s also in the more affordable range, as shown below.

Price per piece (based on lowest price in loviya.com as of 26 Oct 20)

NB: $0.17

S: $0.19

You can also check out Loviya’s Huggies page for the best deals for Huggies diapers in Singapore!

There are many, many diaper brands and series out there, and mostly likely, wherever you ask, different parents have different experiences with different diapers.

It can all get rather overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. Hopefully, this post can help a little in narrowing down your diaper choices!

If you would like a more comprehensive listing of the best and most popular diapers in Singapore, check out our post on the 20 best baby diapers in Singapore!

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