7 best baby strollers in Singapore 2021


How to choose a suitable stroller?

Types of strollers

Best strollers in Singapore

  1. Best full-sized stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2
  2. Best lightweight umbrella stroller: Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller
  3. Best jogging stroller: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller
  4. Best double stroller: Joie Aire Twin
  5. Best convertible stroller: Graco RoomFor2
  6. Best travel system stroller: Evenflo Pivot Xpand Stroller
  7. Best car seat & stroller hybrid: Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller


How to choose a suitable stroller?

You see them everywhere: on the streets, in malls, on trains and buses, even doubling up as shopping trolleys in supermarkets.

Yes, we are talking about strollers, a parenting must-have that’s even more ubiquitous than baby carriers.

Even though you may want to always cuddle your baby up close, sometimes your body does call out for a break, and swapping your carrier for a stroller may be more practical.

Especially during a long day out, where your stroller can also partly serve as, yup, a shopping or bag trolley.

So what are some of the important things to look out for when selecting a suitable stroller for you and your baby?

  1. Safety. This is probably most important above all else. You should always get a stroller that meets at least the basic safety requirements.
    • How are the harness straps and buckle like? Can the straps be secured and buckled easily? For unbuckling, is it easy for you but not for your baby?
    • Is it a 5-point or 3-point harness? A 5-point one is obviously safer.
    • How is the brake like? Can the brake be applied easily and provide a firm stop?
    • Is the stroller infant-friendly e.g. with a deep recline or bassinet function, and what’s the weight limit?
    • Are there any sharp edges or protrusions around the stroller frame? Or any nooks and crannies where your baby’s little fingers or toes may get stuck?
  1. Ease of use. You certainly do not want to break out in sweat every time you fold and unfold the stroller.

One-hand folding and unfolding is quite common nowadays. But if you can, always try before your buy – not all one-hand folds and unfolds are as easy as they seem, especially if the stroller is on the heavy side.

Also, check if the wheels are sturdy and provide for a smooth ride. This is especially so in situations like going up the bus, or on rough terrain.

  1. Number of children. What is your planned family size? If you plan to have more than 1 child, do you prefer to get a single stroller first that can be adapted into a double stroller later on?

Or would you simply get 2 single strollers? Or maybe the older one stays in the stroller, and the younger one goes into the baby carrier?

There’s no right or wrong answer. But considering how a stroller would most probably be an important part of your parenting journey, you may want to give some thought into how it would fit in with your family size and lifestyle before making a purchase.

  1. Cost. With the sheer number of branded and non-branded models out there, the cost of a stroller can vary wildly, from less than S$50 to more than S$1000.

It depends on not only your budget, but also the types of features and frills you would like to have in a stroller.

Are you looking for a basic functional stroller? Or a full-sized, full-feature model with all the bells and whistles such as snacking trays, forward vs rear facing, adjustable handle bars, expandable canopies?

Or maybe something in between that’s catered for a specific need? Going back to the shopping trolley example, maybe specifically just a large undercarriage will do?

Types of strollers

Below are the 7 most common types of strollers. Note that while many strollers fit exactly into one of the types below, there are some which are a crossover between 2 or more types.

  1. Full-sized strollers. Full-sized strollers are some of the most popular types, thought they come with a hefty price tag.

These strollers not only take care of the basics. They are larger, sturdier and more comfortable, providing a full range of features and frills to make your baby happier and your life easier.

  1. Lightweight umbrella strollers. As the name suggests, lightweight strollers are the skinny version, and often weigh less than 7kg. They are lightweight and portable enough for you to fold and unfold like an umbrella.

These are some of the most basic and functional strollers around, lacking many of the features found in other stroller types.

Note that lightweight strollers are usually not suitable for newborn infants, with many designed for babies 6 months and older.

  1. Jogging strollers. Don’t want baby care to hold back your running or exercise routine? Then a jogging stroller may come in handy.

Jogging strollers have larger, hardier wheels and better suspension to cushion against any rough or bumpy terrain during your run or hike.

Other key safety features include a handbrake, as well as lockable front wheels.

  1. Double strollers. Designed for 2 children, these strollers come in either the in-line (front and back) configuration, or the side-by-side one.

While they come with a larger storage capacity, the double capacity means manoeuvring and folding/unfolding can sometimes be a challenge.

  1. Convertible strollers. These strollers can be converted from a single to a double configuration.

If you are planning on having 2 children who are close in age, convertible strollers can be a good choice.

They provide the flexibility of switching between the single and double configurations, and can potentially save you some money from having to switch from a plain single stroller to a double one.

  1. Travel system strollers. These strollers are paired together with a car seat as part of a travel system.

The car seat simply attaches and unattaches from the stroller, allowing you to transfer your baby between car and stroller without all the buckling and unbuckling.

This also makes it less likely for your baby to be disturbed if he or she is sleeping.

  1. Car seat & stroller hybrids. As the name suggests, these are convertible between a car seat and a stroller.

The 2-in-1 design means buying just a single item would take care of your baby’s outdoor travel needs, although, depending on the design, switching between the 2 mechanisms can sometimes be a challenge.

Here are our picks for the best strollers in Singapore!

Best full-sized stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller comes with forever-air tires and all-wheel suspension, making it suitable for even rough terrain types.

As with many full-sized strollers, it comes with features for extra convenience and comfort for both you and your baby:

  • One-hand fold by lifting a strap, with auto-lock
  • Adjustable handlebar and hand operated brake
  • Large storage basket that can hold up to 4.5kg
  • Near-flat seat recline with adjustable leg support

One consideration to note, as with many full-sized strollers, is that with its relatively large size, it may be too bulky for smaller car boots or overseas travel.

Suitable for babies from birth to 29kg.

Dimensions (unfolded): 104 x 65 x 108cm.

Dimensions (folded): 33 x 65 x 82cm.

Weight: 9.7kg

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Best lightweight umbrella stroller: Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller

Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller

Despite being a compact lightweight stroller, the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller still comes with several nice-to-haves for extra comfort and convenience:

  • A relatively thick lumbar padding of 25mm
  • Spring suspension and puncture-free tires for a smoother and safer ride
  • A deep recline and adjustable leg rests for more comfortable napping
  • A large storage basket for up to 4.5kg, with an additional back pocket for extra capacity

As is customary for a lightweight stroller, it also comes with one-hand fold and is portable enough to be brought on board public transport.

Suitable for babies from 6 months to 18kg (from birth with additional newborn kit)

Dimensions (unfolded): 87 x 44 x 104cm.

Dimensions (folded): 52 x 44 x 23cm.

Weight: 6.3kg

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Best jogging stroller: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

Despite its brand name, Baby Jogger does not only product jogging strollers.

Nevertheless, its Summit X3 Jogging Stroller is one of the most popular jogging companions for parents.

It comes with the most important safety features you might expect, without sacrificing on comfort:

  • A sturdy 3-wheel system with air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension
  • Hand operated front wheel lock and deceleration brake. This also allows you

       to easily switch between the jogging and normal stroller modes

  • Large UV50+ canopy to shield your child from the elements during your run
  • For a relatively bulky stroller, the one-hand fold is a bonus

Suitable for babies from birth (with infant car seat and adapter) to 34kg

Dimensions (unfolded): 129 x 65 x 106cm.

Dimensions (folded): 88 x 65 x 39cm.

Weight: 12.7kg

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Best double stroller: Joie Aire Twin

Joie Aire Twin stroller

When it comes to double strollers, personally we prefer the side-by-side configuration, as the in-line version tends to feel too tight and squeezy for the kiddo sitting at the back.

One downside of side-by-side, though, is that manoeuvring through small openings or in tight spaces e.g. in lifts can be a challenge.

The Joie Aire Twin is one of the lightest double strollers around at less than 12kg.

All thanks to its lightweight aluminium chassis.

One of its best features is the freedom and flexibility it provides each child in terms of canopy height, seat recline position and seat liner colour. 

After all, while children tend to imitate and copy each other, sometimes they also want to feel comfortable in their own way.

Despite its size, the Joie Aire Twin can be folded and propped up in a stationary standing position (with rear brake on) when not in use. There’s no need to leave it lying down.

Suitable for babies from birth to 15kg

Dimensions (unfolded): 81 x 76 x 102cm.

Dimensions (folded): 78 x 31 x 99cm.

Weight: 11.8kg

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Best convertible stroller: Graco RoomFor2

Graco RoomFor2 stroller

Won’t it be good if your stroller can adapt to accommodate a second child if necessary, without you having to spend on another single stroller or a double stroller?

Enter the Graco RoomFor2, with its in-built design able to accommodate from one to two children seamlessly, with no additional assembly required.

Your older one can simply sit on the padded bench seat or stand on the platform, which is integrated just behind the storage basket, while your younger one sits in front.

One obvious major limitation though, is that it does not allow your older one to lie down and nap when needed.

Suitable for babies from birth (with infant car seat) to 22kg. The main seat and additional seat can each hold up to 22kg separately.

Dimensions (folded): 57 x 41 x 91cm.

Weight: 11.8kg

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Best travel system stroller: Evenflo Pivot Xpand Stroller

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Stroller

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Stroller combines with the Safemax infant car seat to form a travel system.

With the slide and lock mechanism, you can easily expand the stroller frame to securely mount the car seat.

Which means if you have a second baby subsequently, who is willing to be in the car seat for the time being, the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Stroller can also temporarily serve as a convertible stroller.

This travel system comes in up to 22 seat configurations for up to 2 children. The height of the car seat vis-à-vis the stroller seat can be adjusted, the stroller seat can be set upright or reclined, and the stroller can be inward or outward facing.

The storage basket is also seriously spacious at over 60cm long, with front and back access.

Suitable for babies from birth to 6 years.

Dimensions (unfolded): 67 x 105 x 86cm.

Dimensions (folded):  67 x 47 x 80cm

Weight: 13kg

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Best car seat & stroller hybrid: Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

The Doona Infant Car Stroller is quite commonly seen on Singapore streets.

Together with the stylish design, the frame and folding mechanism allows you to convert between a car seat and a stroller in seconds.

One downside though, is that it is only rear-facing. And while the relatively large canopy protects your baby from the elements, this means he or she can’t really see much of the world.

But if you are concerned whether such 2-in-1 design might compromise on safety, fret not.

The adjustable handlebar also serves as an anti-rebound bar inside the car.

Perhaps most importantly, actual users from the US have testified how this car seat stroller literally saved the lives of their children in car accidents.

Suitable for babies from birth to 15kg.

Dimensions (unfolded): 99 x 44 x 82cm.

Dimensions (folded):  60 x 44 x 66cm

Weight: 7.5kg

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As with many baby products today, there is a mind-boggling array of different strollers of different types and brands.

Taking your time to choose a suitable stroller that’s within your budget will go a long way towards making your family outings a pleasant and stress-free one.

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