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Things to look out for in a diaper

Diapers are an essential baby item for every baby on their journey to being potty trained. Unlike many other one-time baby essentials, diapers will be around to accompany your baby as they grow, and it will need to adapt to their changing preferences and moving patterns.

Leak proof

Ensuring your baby’s diaper is leak proof is especially important to avoid any messes that need to be cleaned. Having a leaking diaper can be inconvenient especially when you are out and about with your little one. As your baby develops, becomes more active and starts to explore the world, this will be an important factor to look out for when choosing an appropriate diaper.


The most important factor to look out for when purchasing a diaper for you little one is absorbency. This is to ensure every drop of urine is absorbed into the diaper and disperses such that it does not keep your baby’s bum damp. Damp diapers when left on too long chafes your baby’s skin and can lead to uncomfortable diaper rashes on your baby’s bum that will bring them discomfort.

Comfort & breathability

Look out for comfortable, breathable materials that are soft to touch on your baby’s skin. As babies' skin is delicate and sensitive, ensure that the diaper you choose is also made of hypoallergenic material.

Pants or tape

Tape diapers are suitable for newborns as it can be adjusted to sit below their navel to protect it from friction. As babies can’t stand, the tape design facilitates convenient changing with your newborn lying comfortably on their back. Pant diapers are designed to give your baby the freedom of movement as they begin learning how to walk while protecting against leaks. As such it is suitable for babies who are starting to crawl and walk. Some parents may choose to use pants diapers on the go and continue using tape diapers at night.

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