*Cashback for Lazada is temporarily suspended till further notice.

Loviya cashback rates

How to earn Loviya cashback

Cashback status in Loviya user cashback dashboard

Terms & conditions of Loviya cashback

  • Final purchase price is the price after coupons, credits, vouchers and other discounts if any. 

  • Cashback is applicable for minimum final purchase price of SGD 0.50. 

  • Cashback is not applicable for delivery/service fees and taxes.

  • Cashback is applicable for both browser and app purchases.

  • Cashback is only applicable for successful, delivered and completed purchases, and is not applicable if purchase is cancelled, returned/refunded or exchanged.

  • Cashback is applicable only for products listed on Loviya, and only if purchase is done directly via Qoo10, Lazada or Shopee “Visit Store” link provided in respective Loviya product listing.

  • If Qoo10, Lazada or Shopee price in Loviya product listing differs from actual price in Qoo10, Lazada or Shopee website, cashback will be based on actual price paid in Qoo10 ,Lazada or Shopee respectively.

  • Cashback amount will be initially indicated as “Estimated” under “Submitted” or “Processing” cashback status, and may be different from final approved cashback amount.

  • Use of coupons, vouchers and other discount codes from non-Loviya or non-Qoo10/Lazada/Shopee sources may invalidate cashback for the whole purchase, and Loviya cannot guarantee any cashback as such. Use only coupons, vouchers and discount codes provided in Loviya website or by Qoo10, Lazada or Shopee. 

  • Cashback is provided solely by Loviya, and not by Qoo10, Lazada or Shopee.

  • Qoo10: 3 tiers of cashback rates:

  1. Standard cashback rate is 1.5% of final purchase price per order

  2. For products on Time Sale, Daily Deal or Qchance in Qoo10, cashback rate is 1%.

  3. Cashback rate for selected products is up to 11%.

  • Lazada: Cashback is not applicable for Redmart orders.

  • Shopee: Only the first order every 24hrs from the same device is applicable for cashback. 

  • Cashback cap:

    • Qoo10: SGD 8 per order for cashback rates of 1% - 1.5%, and SGD 80 per order for cashback rate of up to 11%.

    • Lazada: SGD 40 per order

    • Shopee: SGD 20 per order

  • Each purchase can only be submitted once for cashback.

  • Deadline for submission of Loviya cashback form: 14 days after order is placed in Qoo10, Lazada or Shopee website

  • Up to 1 day after submission of Loviya cashback form for purchase to be reflected in Loviya user cashback dashboard

  • Cashback processing time:

    • Qoo10: Up to 45 days after purchase for cashback to be validated and approved

    • Lazada: Up to 75 days after purchase for cashback to be validated and approved

    • Shopee: Up to 90 days after purchase for cashback to be validated and approved

  • Actual time for cashback approval will depend on order delivery time etc.

  • Should any purchase be rejected for cashback or cashback amount is disputed, Loviya will assist to investigate and Loviya’s decision is final.

  • Where necessary, Loviya may contact user for clarifications regarding approval or rejection of cashback.

  • Cashback and accumulated balance are not transferable between different Loviya user accounts.

  • Withdrawal of cashback:

    • Minimum cashback balance for withdrawal: SGD 2

    • Minimum amount per withdrawal: SGD 2

    • Mode of withdrawal: PayLah and PayNow. Loviya will email user upon successful credit of cashback into user bank account. User can also check cashback withdrawal status in Loviya user cashback dashboard.

    • If wrong PayLah/PayNow nickname or mobile number is provided by user, Loviya will assist with retrieving the cashback and user may need to bear any bank charges related to such retrieval. Loviya does not guarantee successful retrieval of such cashback.

    • Each mobile number can only be used for one Loviya user account.

  • Any suspected fraud or abuse relating to accrual or withdrawal of cashback may result in Loviya user account being suspended or terminated, with any accumulated cashback being withheld or forfeited.

  • Loviya reserves the right to claw back any cashback which has been incorrectly credited into user account, or withdrawn by user.

  • Loviya reserves the right to amend the cashback terms and conditions at any time, including but not limited to cancellation/suspension of cashback offer and cashback rates.

  • In the event of any cancellation/suspension of cashback offer or change in cashback rates, cashback requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • The cashback terms and conditions form part of the general  terms and conditions governing the use of the Loviya website.

  • Start of Loviya cashback: 16 December 2019

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