Wakodo Lebens

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Prices of Wakodo

The average prices for Wakodo Lebens baby milk powder in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):

  • HaiHai Premium Gold Infant Formula, Stage 1, 810g: S$58.9
  • GunGun Premium Gold Follow up Formula, Stage 2, 830g: S$46.4
  • Kids Premium Gold Growing up Formula, Stage 3, 830g: S$34.9

Origin of Wakodo baby milk

The Wakodo line of baby formula milk has a long history. More than 100 years, in fact.

The Japanese are very proud of their own brands, products and quality. And we are sure it must have been no exception all the way back in 1917, when Wakodo launched the first infant formula milk made in Japan. The company itself was actually established earlier, in 1906, by a pioneering professor in paediatrics.

Today, Wakodo is the leading baby food brand in Japan, with the largest share of the Japanese baby food market. And its line of baby milk has also gone through several iterations over the years.

The “Lebens” you see in its modern line of baby milk means “life” in German, and was actually adopted as the brand name specifically for its infant formula back in 1953. But it wasn’t until 2013 that the Lebens line of infant formula was launched for the international market.

Despite being relatively late to the scene, the Wakodo Lebens line of formula milk has gradually caught on in popularity, including here in Singapore. The product line-up now consists of formula milk for both babies and expectant mothers, with recent enhancements being made to the composition and nutritional value to better resemble breastmilk.

Today, all Wakodo Lebens milk formula is made in Japan, with both the international and domestic Japanese versions adhering to the same manufacturing and quality standards and processes.

Baby formula milk is a class of products where many parents simply do not take any chances when it comes to product safety and quality. The longstanding and well-established reputation of Japanese brands in this regard has certainly played a part in Wakodo Lebens gaining a foothold here in the Singapore market.

Read on as we go into a more in-depth review of the general characteristics and different stages of Wakodo Lebens baby milk powder sold in Singapore!

Nutritional balance

As with many reputable baby milk brands nowadays, Wakodo Lebens strives to maintain an optimum nutritional balance for its milk powder, based on the growth and development needs of your baby at different stages.

Key nutrients perform a range of functions to support your baby’s development, from the cognitive e.g. DHA and AA, to the physical e.g. calcium, and your baby’s immune system e.g. lactoferrin and nucleotides.

Lower beta-lactoglobulin content

Beta-lactoglobulin (beta-lg) is a major whey protein found in cow’s milk. However, despite being an important nutritional building block for adults, beta-lg is considered a major allergen for infants which is not found in natural breastmilk. It is also not easily digestible, which could stress your baby’s immature digestive system unnecessarily.

As such, Wakodo Lebens has reduced the concentration of beta-lg in its formula milk, though it’s worth noting that it is still one of the main ingredients in the milk.

Presence of galacto-oligosaccharides

Many factors come together to support a healthy gastrointestinal system and gut microflora. With concerns that milk formula can contribute to “heatiness” in the gut and conditions such as constipation and indigestion in babies, many formula milk brands have sought to finetune the nutritional content to make their milk more gut-friendly.

A key ingredient that many brands, including Wakodo Lebens, have introduced is galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS). GOS is a fermentable fibre that is not digested and reaches the colon where they help to stimulate the growth of good beneficial bacteria such as lactobacilli. This good bacteria in turn stimulates bowel movements, and represents another attempt by formula milk companies to mimic the nutritional content in breastmilk.

Lactose vs sucrose vs glucose

Breastmilk is naturally sweet, and in this respect many milk formula brands have also sought to mimic the sweetness and carbohydrate level. The difference lies in the type of sugars used for the milk formula, as compared to the naturally occurring sugar (lactose) found in breastmilk.

Lactose is considered a “good” sugar, serving a variety of functions from being an important energy source and prebiotic, to supporting the absorption of other nutrients and immunity development.

In contrast, added sugars such as sucrose and glucose can make the milk formula unnecessarily sweet, and may cause your baby to develop a sweet tooth and potential health complications down the road. It is not that these 2 sugars are definitively bad, just that excessive amounts e.g. being the main ingredients, are not ideal for your baby.

So how does Wakodo Lebens fare in this respect? It is a plus that its milk is sucrose-free. However, note that while the stage 1 milk for newborns and infants contains lactose as the main sugar ingredient, glucose syrup is listed as the main sugar ingredient for its stage 2 and stage 3 milk.

Key ingredients

The key ingredients of Wakodo Lebens milk formula are as follow:

  • Carbohydrates: act as a vital source of energy for your growing baby, and are essential for absorption of other nutrients such as calcium. However, as mentioned earlier, do take note of the different types of carbohydrates (lactose, sucrose, glucose) added to the respective stage.
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS): as mentioned earlier, this helps to maintain a healthy and well-functioning gut environment for your baby.
  • Linoleic acid: Also called omega-6, this is a type of essential fatty acid that supports heart and cardiovascular health for your child.
  • DHA: perhaps one of the first, if not the first, ingredients many parents look for in a formula milk. An omega-3 fatty acid, it plays a vital role in neural and visual development, and hence is widely perceived to make your baby smarter with better eyesight. However, even till now, studies on the exact cognitive and visual benefits of DHA are still inconclusive, although the lack of definitive causality does not mean there is no co-relation.
  • Arachidonic acid (ARA): helps to strengthen your baby’s immune system, with evidence also suggesting that it’s useful for other aspects such as brain development.
  • Calcium: another commonly-known ingredient that’s critical for bone and teeth development, as well as muscular performance. Essentially if you want your baby to grow tall and strong, this is one of the fundamental building blocks. It is usually paired with Vitamin D, since the latter is needed for the former’s optimal absorption in the body. (And yes, Vitamin D is present in all Wakodo Lebens milk)
  • Lactoferrin: this is a protein found naturally in breastmilk and cow’s milk. While relatively obscure compared to the other ingredients, it plays a significant role in protecting your baby from falling sick or suffering a bad tummy ache, by inhibiting the growth of any bad bacteria in your baby’s gut. And credit must be given to Wakodo Lebens, because many formula milk brands actually do not include this.

Wakodo Lebens Stage 1

The stage 1 formula milk for infants, called “HaiHai”, is meant for newborns and infants up to 1 year old. Available in 300g and 810g.

Recommended serving size is 5 level scoops of milk powder (approx. 13g) for 100ml of formula.

Wakodo Lebens Stage 2

The stage 2 follow-up formula milk for toddlers, called “GunGun”, is meant for toddlers from 1 to 3 years old. Available in 830g.

Recommended serving size is 4 level scoops of milk powder (approx. 28g) for 200ml of formula.

Wakodo Lebens Stage 3

The stage 3 growing up kids formula milk for older children is meant for children from 3 years old. Available in 830g.

Recommended serving size is 5 level scoops of milk powder (approx. 35g) for 200ml of formula.

In terms of key ingredients, as compared to stage 1 and stage 2 milk, note that the stage 3 growing up milk does not contain AA/ARA and lactoferrin. Glucose syrup is also the primary ingredient listed.

Enjoy savings on Wakodo Lebens through Loviya

While Japanese products are generally known for their quality and trustworthiness, they also do not really come cheap. Moreover, compared to other popular baby milk powder brands, Wakodo Lebens is not as widely available here in Singapore.

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