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Prices of Similac milk formula

The average prices for Similac milk powder in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):

Similac Gain with 2’FL

  • Stage 1, 1.8kg: S$110
  • Stage 2, 850g: S$54.5
  • Stage 2, 1.8kg: S$100
  • Stage 3, 400g: S$21.5
  • Stage 3, 850g: S$40.5
  • Stage 3, 1.8kg: S$79
  • Stage 4, 400g: S$19.3
  • Stage 4, 850g: S$35.9
  • Stage 4, 1.8kg: S$73.5

Similac Total Comfort with 2’FL

  • Stage 1, 820g: S$66.9
  • Stage 2, 820g: S$61.8
  • Stage 3, 820g: S$49

Similac NeoSure Special Infant Formula

  • Stage 1, 850g: S$62.4

Similac Organic

  • Stage 1, 900g: S$75
  • Stage 3, 900g: S$54

Similac Gain Plus Gold with 2’FL

  • Stage 3, 1.8kg: S$48.8

Similac Gain Kid Gold with 2’FL

  • Stage 4, 1.8kg: S$57.5

Similac Mum

  • Vanilla, 900g: S$30.4


Similac is one of the most popular baby milk brands in Singapore, and it has developed a premium brand name among parents here. It helps that the parent company, Abbott Laboratories, is one of the most well-known conglomerates globally, producing consumer and industrial products from nutritional milk to diagnostic and medical tools.

The Similac we know today is actually backed by almost 100 years of history. It was first introduced on a ship by a doctor in 1925, and the initial versions were actually in the form of concentrated liquids. Over the decades, its evolution was marked by milestones such as the introduction of its first iron-fortified formula in 1959, the first formula for premmies in USA in 1994, as well as being the first major formula brand in USA to develop a certified organic formula in 2006. The latest generation of Similac we know today, including in Singapore, was birthed in 2008, with a blend of nutrients such as nucleotides, prebiotics and carotenoids.

In recent years, Similac, like many of its competitors in Singapore, has increasingly sought to mimic the benefits of breast milk, with the addition of 2′-Fucosyllactose (2’FL) being a prominent example. While it is not yet possible for baby formula to fully replicate the functions of natural human milk, Similac, like many other brands, does represent a viable alternative, providing important nutrition during a child’s critical growing up years.

Let’s have a more detailed review of the different Similac series in Singapore and how they can benefit your child and mummy at different stages.

Similac Gain

Regarded as the brand flagship in Singapore, Similac Gain has undergone a refresh over the past 2 to 3 years, in terms of both nutritional content and packaging.

The most prominent addition, mentioned above, is the 2’FL. It is the most prevalent type of oligosaccharides found in human milk, and is associated with 2 key benefits for your baby:

  • Promoting gastrointestinal health by supporting the growth of good bacteria and inhibiting that of bad ones.
  • Strengthening immunity by stimulating the growth of immunity agents.

Studies have associated a lower rate of infant allergies and infections with a higher level of 2’FL. Similac is one of the pioneers of adding this nutrient to baby formula milk in Singapore, with other major brands since following suit.

Other than 2’FL, the key nutritional value of Similac Gain can be illustrated by 2 overarching frameworks: Immunify and EyeQ Plus.


As the name suggests, the main thrust of Immunify is to support the development of your child’s immune system. This is achieved through several ingredients and modalities as follow:

  • Prebiotics support the growth of good bacteria in the gut, with a healthy digestive system an essential base for strong immunity.
  • Probiotics in turn suppress the development of harmful gut bacteria, further contributing to gastrointestinal health.
  • Selenium, zinc and Vitamins A, B, C and D help to fight off free radicals from the cells through antioxidation.
  • Other nutrients such as iron, copper and folic acid support normal functioning of the immune system.

EyeQ Plus

An implicit wordplay on how Similac Gain benefits eyesight and cognitive function, EyeQ Plus is underpinned by the following key ingredients. Some of you may also be familiar with its predecessor, Gain IQ.

  • Lutein helps to lay a long-term foundation for your child’s eye health. Among other things, it helps to strengthen visual acuity and reduce any inflammation and oxidative stress in the eyes. This will be increasingly vital, with daily stressors e.g. screentime accelerating the onset and progression of visual impairments such as myopia in many children.
  • Vitamin E is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, vital for reducing the oxidative stress on the eyes and brain cells.
  • Finally, DHA and Arachidonic Acid (AA) probably need no introduction, especially the former. While DHA is naturally produced by the body, dietary intake is still highly recommended to enhance mental development in early childhood. It is associated with a wide range of cognitive benefits, from memory and concentration to mental dexterity and problem solving. Alongside DHA, AA is one of the most abundant fatty acids in the brain, and contributes not only to neurological development, but also protection from oxidative stress.

Other notable ingredients are nucleotides to promote cell replication, as well as calcium and Vitamin D for bone growth.

A note of caution: Wordplays such as these are sometimes a marketing ploy by milk formula companies to embellish the nutritional value of their milk. Rather than being overly swayed by these fancy names, it helps to do a more objective and comprehensive evaluation of the ingredients and whether they are really suitable and beneficial for your child, especially when compared to other milk options.

Similac Gain with 2’FL is sold in Singapore in the following stages and sizes:

  • Stage 1 formula milk for newborns & infants: up to 12 months old. Available in 400g and 1.8kg.
  • Stage 2 follow on formula: after 6 months old. Available in 850g and 1.8kg.
  • Stage 3 growing up formula: after 1 year old. Available in 400g, 850g and 1.8kg. Can be sold as value packs of 2 or 3 as well during promotions by merchants such as NTUC Fairprice.
  • Stage 4 preschool formula: after 3 years old. Available in 400g, 850g and 1.8kg. Sometimes sold as value packs of 2 or 3 during promotions.

Similac Total Comfort

In simple terms, Similac Total Comfort is the lactose-free version of Similac Gain. Lactose intolerance is not uncommon among our population, especially the young with their still developing digestive system. This condition, while generally benign, can lead to great discomfort and distress in infants and toddlers, causing reflux, bloating, colic and other digestive issues.

This is why the Gain series, with milk powder and lactose as major ingredients, may be unsuitable for some children. Similac Total Comfort was hence developed as a lactose-free alternative of roughly equal nutritional value and calorie content. It does not contain cow’s milk per se, but whey protein.

Whey protein serves as the primary protein source in Similac Total Comfort, performing the same function as milk powder in Similac Gain. Whey is actually a component of milk powder, and if you are wondering whether your child is being short-changed in terms of protein content with Total Comfort, fret not. Being the liquid part of milk produced during cheesemaking, whey is a high quality protein loaded with all 9 essential amino acids needed for growth and development. These include leucine, tested as the most anabolic of the amino acids. The importance of whey is backed up by nature too: human milk contains 60% whey, vs 20% in dairy milk.

The TummiCare system in Similac Total Comfort is hence underpinned by whey protein, partially hydrolyzed to enable even easier digestion and absorption.

Better protein digestibility and absorption does not mean lower nutritional value in other areas; Similac Total Comfort also contains the Immunify and EyeQ Plus systems to similarly boost your child’s physical, intellectual, visual and immunological development.

Similac Total Comfort with 2’FL is sold in Singapore in the following stages and sizes:

  • Stage 1 infant formula: up to 12 months old. Available in 820g.
  • Stage 2 follow on formula: from 6 months old. Available in 820g.
  • Stage 3 growing up milk: from 1 year old. Available in 820g.

Similac NeoSure Special Infant Formula

Similac Neosure Special Infant Formula is formulated specifically for premature babies and newborns of low birth weight. These babies may suffer from certain nutrient deficiencies, and Similac Neosure’s ingredient mix is specially tailored to address deficiencies in fundamental areas such as metabolism and visual development.

Compared to Similac Gain Stage 1 for normal weight babies, Neosure contains the following key ingredients in higher concentration for that extra development boost:

  • 25% higher in protein
  • 56% higher in Vitamin A
  • 68% higher in folic acid
  • 41% higher in calcium
  • 70% higher in iron

Similac Neosure is sold in 850g tins in Singapore, and is meant only for premature babies or infants of low birth weight up to 12 months old. It should only be used under medical supervision.

Similac Organic

For those of you who desire more natural goodness for your little one, Similac Organic milk powder is worth consideration. Not only has it undergone a packaging refresh, it is also now more nutrient-packed, containing twice as much DHA and Vitamin E than the previous version.

Even though only the milk powder is organic, stringent and safe processes are in place in the manufacturing location, Denmark, to ensure the highest organic standards are met:

  • Cows are fed only non-GMO, organic feed.
  • Cows graze only on pastures free of chemical fertilizers and artificial pesticides.
  • Calves are naturally breastfed by their mothers for up to 3 months after birth.

This organic goodness is supplemented by the core EyeQ Plus and Immunify systems, with other key ingredients such as vitamins, minerals (iron, calcium etc), DHA and AA.  

Similac Organic formula is sold in Singapore in the following stages and sizes.

  • Stage 1 formula milk for newborns and infants: up to 12 months old. Sold in 900g. Covers stage 2 age range as well.
  • Stage 3: 1 to 3 years old. Sold in 900g.

Similac Gain Plus Gold & Gain Kid Gold

Similac Gain Plus Gold and Gain Kid Gold are the Malaysian equivalent of Similac Gain for Stages 3 and 4 respectively, and yes, they are cheaper than the local version.

A common misperception is that the Malaysian equivalents of not just Similac, but many other formula milk brands, are of inferior quality and lower nutritional value. However, a quick comparison of the ingredients and nutritional content between the Malaysia and Singapore versions of Similac Gain shows up one simple fact: there is no difference in nutritional value at all. In fact, Gain Plus Gold and Gain Kid Gold come with slightly higher content for nutrients such as Vitamin A and linoleic acid. They have also recently been fortified with 2’FL.

Here are the sizes available in Singapore:

  • Similac Gain Plus Gold: for 1 to 3 years old. Sold in 1.8kg, including refill packs.
  • Similac Gain Kid Gold: for 4 to 9 years old. Sold in 1.8kg, including refill packs.

Similac Mum Low Fat Maternal Milk

Aside from its paediatric milk formula, Abbott’s Similac Mum pregnancy and maternity milk powder has also garnered a following among expectant and new mummies in Singapore.

The nutritional mix and concentration is tailored for the main purpose of supplementing the development of the foetus/newborn via mummy, without compromising on the health of the latter. According to a study in 2020 of mainstream maternity milks in Singapore, Similac Mum consists of the most comprehensive mix of 27 essential vitamins and minerals, while scoring the lowest for fat content. Another notable aspect is its low Glycemic Index (GI), which makes it suitable for preggies with gestational diabetes.

The signature EyeQ Plus and Immunify systems are also replicated in Similac Mum, helping to set a foundation for cognitive and immunological development in the womb and during early infancy. In particular, it supplements nutrients found in natural breast milk, such as DHA, lutein, Vitamin E and choline. Other critical components are also included, such as folic acid and antioxidants.

Similac Mum is available in Singapore for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in the following flavours and sizes:

  • Strawberry yoghurt. Sold in 400g.
  • Sold in 900g.

Compare top offers for Similac in Singapore

Similac may be considered a premium formula milk brand in Singapore, but it does not mean you always need to pay premium prices for it. Whether it is for infant, older kids or mom, every parent will want to save as much as possible.

Loviya provides a one-stop solution to help you stack up those savings easily, by comparing prices of Similac from up to 12 leading online merchants in Singapore. Discover the best deals for Similac of different stages, sizes and flavours, from merchants such as NTUC Fairprice, Lazada, Qoo10, Watsons, EAMart, Shopee, Guardian and Amazon. Even for newly refreshed products such as Similac Organic, Loviya helps you easily find out where to buy at the lowest prices.

With over 200 prices for Similac updated daily, comparing prices and saving has never been easier.

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