Pigeon Baby


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About Pigeon Baby

Pigeon is a market leader in mother and baby care products. Each product is developed with extensive research to provide the highest level of comfort, safety and quality.

Why choose Pigeon

  • Recommended by mums worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted quality products

Bottle cleansing

During the early stages of your baby’s life, practising good hygiene when preparing feeds is especially important to prevent tummy infections. Pigeon carries baby bottle cleaning solutions with antibacterial properties to ensure all feeding equipment is well cleaned before use.

Baby skincare

Babies have soft, delicate skin that require gentle care. Pigeon’s baby care range is specially designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. From unscented shower foams and shampoos to baby oils and lotions, your baby will be kept fresh and clean with its baby care range.

Hygiene care

Especially since your baby’s immune system is still developing, maintaining good hygiene to prevent illnesses and rashes is important. Pigeon has a wide range of hygiene care products, including Pigeon laundry detergent and powders that are delicate on baby fabrics. Pigeon antibacterial wipes can also clean surfaces and toys effectively to keep those bugs away. 

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