PetPet Diapers

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Price list of PetPet

The average prices for PetPet diapers in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya)


  • NB60: S$8.5
  • S56: S$8.5
  • S80:S$12.5
  • M70: S$12.5
  • M76: S$26.1
  • L58: S$12.5
  • L60: S$16.9
  • XL46: S$12.5


  • M52: S$10.5
  • L44: S$10.5
  • XL38: S$10.5
  • XXL30: S$10.5

Night Tape

  • S66: S$16.9
  • M60: S$16.9

Day Pants

  • M76: S$16.9
  • L66: S$13.5

Day Night Pants

  • M76: S$16.9


Very often PetPet is construed as a Malaysian brand, when it actually originates from the Land of Smiles. Its parent company, DSG International, is headquartered in Thailand, with operations spanning the Southeast Asian region. Its primary product range is in baby and adult diapers, and PetPet represents its core business of providing quality, budget-friendly products for mass-market consumers.

Perhaps PetPet’s strong Malaysian association stems from its comparatively strong focus on the Malaysian market. Nevertheless, in Singapore, the brand has refreshed its baby diaper offerings and packaging over the past 3 to 4 years, reflecting efforts to maintain a foothold in the market in the face of increasing competition.

Arguably, the predominant impression among parents in Singapore is that PetPet equates to a no-frills, rather “cheapo” option. But how has it improved over the past few years? Can it now be considered cheap, economical, but with better quality?

Let’s find out with our detailed review of PetPet diapers below.

PetPet Tape Diapers

Its fair to say that PetPet has adopted a scientific, measurable approach to upgrading its tape diapers, based on the data-driven illustrations of the improvements. The most notable feature is the enhanced absorbency, which is 15% higher than previous versions. The absorbent core, called the BlueDry Zone, can now keep your baby dry for up to 10 hours with more effective fluid absorption and redistribution.

It has also adopted a more bespoke design based on the diaper size and baby age, as shown below:

  • Newborn diapers come with a new SoftWave topsheet for extra softness and protection for an infant’s delicate skin. There is also a notch along the frontal edge to prevent any chafing on the still-recovering navel.
  • Nappies of larger sizes come with a better overall leak protection, to cater for the larger fluid output of older children. This includes an elongated front and back design, a wider waistband, as well as 15% higher leak guards at the thighs.

All sizes are 100% breathable at the outer sheet. That said, unlike other more premium brands, PetPet diapers are not specially infused with additional anti-diaper rash treatment, and they also tend to be thicker.

PetPet Tape Diapers are sold in Singapore in the following sizes, including mega and jumbo packs.  

  • Newborn (NB): up to 5kg. Available in packs of 36 and 60.
  • Small (S): 3 to 8kg. Available in packs of 32, 56, 58 and 80.
  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Available in packs of 70, 72 and 76.
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Available in packs of 50, 58 and 60.
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 17kg. Available in packs of 46 and 48.

PetPet Pants

PetPet Pants has also been given a new lease of life in its features and packaging. Using the same BlueDry Zone technology as their tape counterpart, these pants are suitable for overnight use, with absorbency of up to 10 hours. The double stretchability and non-bulky BodyFit design help the pants conform naturally to the growing contours of older kids, providing comfort and additional leak protection.

With these upgrades, PetPet Pants is now arguably not so much a no-frills, inferior option, but a decent alternative that can hold its own against other major diaper brands.

PetPet Pants are sold in Singapore in the following sizes:

  • Medium (M): 7 to 12kg. Available in packs of 52.
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Available in packs of 44.
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 17kg. Available in packs of 38.
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 15 to 25kg. Available in packs of 30.

PetPet Night Tape

For all its low-budget, no-frills reputation, PetPet can be considered a pioneer with its Night Tape range, the only tape diaper specifically designed for overnight use. This could be especially useful for infants and smaller babies who are not yet suitable for pants.

Sadly, PetPet Night Tape is gradually being discontinued in Singapore. Nevertheless, with its “1 Piece All Night” tagline, these are the features that help both parents and baby sleep through a worry-free night.

  • The 3D Super Dry Sheet and Extra Gel Plus work together to quickly absorb and lock in fluid, with an anti-backflow design to help your baby’s skin stay dry.
  • The extra leg guards and stretchable waistband act as secondary barriers against leakage.
  • The breathable cotton-like outer cover promotes air circulation, further keeping the skin dry and reducing the chances of diaper rash.

That said, even with this type of specialized night-time nappy, it is still advisable to check on the diaper at least once during the night. Younger babies sometimes tend to poop in the middle of the night, and their skin are also more prone to the dreaded nappy rash.

PetPet Night Tape is sold in the following sizes in Singapore, though availability may be limited.

  • Small (S): 3 to 7kg. Available in packs of 66.
  • Medium (M): 5 to 11kg. Available in packs of 60.
  • Large (L): 10 to 14kg. Available in packs of 50.
  • Extra Large (XL): above 13kg. Available in packs of 44.

PetPet Day Pants

PetPet Day Pants is another fast-vanishing series in Singapore. These pants were supposedly designed for daytime use, and comprise standard features such as an absorbent core, double leak guards and a breathable outer layer.

PetPet Day Pants are available in Singapore in the following sizes, though supplied are increasingly limited.

  • Medium (M): 7 to 12kg. Available in packs of 76.
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Available in packs of 66.

PetPet Day Night Pants

Rounding up the rather bewildering assortment of legacy, overlapping diapers by PetPet is the Day Night Pants. As the name suggests, these nappy pants are meant for day and night use, which doesn’t really explain their difference, if any, from the other PetPet pants. Perhaps this is why these legacy series are being phased out in favour of a new, singular diaper pants series.

PetPet Day Night Pants are available in Singapore in the following sizes, though you may have a relatively hard time finding them.

  • Medium (M): 7 to 12kg. Available in packs of 76.
  • Large (L): 10 to 14kg. Available in packs of 66.
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 17kg. Available in packs of 56.
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 12 to 25kg. Available in packs of 48.

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For parents looking for the best of both worlds in terms of diaper quality and price, PetPet continues to represent a good bargain, especially with its refreshed tape and pants series.

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