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Prices of Peekapoo diapers and wipes

The average prices for Peekapoo diapers and wipes in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya)

Diaper tape

  • NB12: S$5
  • NB80: S$27.9
  • S12: S$5.2
  • S80: S$23.9
  • M12: S$5.2
  • M80: S$27.9
  • L12: S$5.2
  • L80: S$27.9
  • XL12: S$5
  • XL80: S$27.9

Pull up pants

  • M50: S$27.9
  • L12: S$7.2
  • L50: S$27.9
  • XL12: S$7
  • XL50: S$29.9
  • XXL50: S$29.9

Bamboo Baby Wipes

  • Pack of 10 pieces: S$1
  • Pack of 80 pieces: S$2.9


Peekapoo can be considered a ground-breaking, and heartening, story – 2 everyday dads from Singapore, like you and me, who found mainstream diapers unsuitable for their kids, and hence started from scratch to design, develop and manufacture their own diapers.

Ground-breaking because Peekapoo is the very first homegrown Singaporean baby diaper brand. And heartening because it’s an example of how everyday consumers, fed up with existing market options, had the gumption, wits and tenacity, plus just their own resources, to compete with the established behemoths in the market, and against overwhelming odds, succeeded.

Today Peekapoo is a popular baby diaper brand in Singapore, with its own online retail store and, pre-COVID-19, a regular presence at baby fairs. Its biggest proposition is that it is the first 3rd generation diapers in Asia, representing the next leap in innovation, especially in terms of the design and materials of the absorbent core. Simply put, this absorbent core, called the Permasorp, does its job better than everyone else – absorbing pee and poo quickly even for blowouts, locking it in for up to 12 hours with no leakage, and keeping your baby’s bum dry.

Besides diapers, the brand has also recently expanded to other product lines such as baby wipes.

Below we will have a more detailed review of just what makes Peekapoo products, especially their diapers, so special!


It’s a common perception that the absorptive capacity of a diaper relates only to the amount of liquid it can hold. Equally important, however, is how fast the diaper can draw in the liquid. To illustrate with an extreme hypothetical example, if a diaper can hold a ton of liquid but takes hours to absorb, by the time it’s done your baby’s bum will be all soggy, wrinkled and rash-riddled. Peekapoo’s signature feature, without a doubt, is its Permasorp Core, which combines superior absorptive rate with effective liquid retention.

How much superior? Its diapers have been tested to absorb liquids around 3 times faster than another leading baby diaper brand in Singapore. The Permasorp Core, with its retention and redistribution properties, also prevents backflow of pee, even when pressure is applied, keeping the skin dry, fresh and odour free. Of course, if your child poops or the wetness indicator has fully changed colour for some time, it is still best to change the diaper as soon as possible.

Material and ingredients

According to Peekapoo, the other baby nappy brands in Singapore still belong to the so-called “2nd generation”, primarily because of the main materials of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) and wood pulp in the absorbent core, which have been in use for 40 years. SAP, despite being the default choice for so many diaper manufacturers, still result in leakages and nappy rash, while wood pulp can also breed bacteria and breaks easily.

On the other hand, the Permasorp Core eschews these traditional materials, and instead consists of the latest compressed gel technology and cotton. The result is a diaper that not only performs its main role well, but is also thinner, softer, more durable and more breathable.

The rest of the diaper, such as the inner lining, is made of non-woven fabric, which the brand claims provides cashmere-like softness for your baby.

The diapers have also undergone strict industry testing in Singapore for safety and hygiene, for nasties such as heavy metals, bacteria, yeast and mould.

Leakage prevention

Apart from the superior absorptive and retention capacity, the secondary leakage prevention features are pretty standard. For the tape diapers, it is designed with an extended length so as to reduce the chances of waistline leakage, especially when baby is lying chest down. The pull up pants comes with a stretchable waistband which provides a snug fit without restricting the movement of your child.

Both the tape and pants are designed with barrier cuffs around the thighs to help prevent side leakage.

One notable aspect of Peekapoo’s anti-leakage design is how it is also embedded in its choice of materials and core design. The material used in the Permasorp Core is densely packed and does not break or tear easily, even with your child’s random, cyclical, sometimes violent movements. This helps to prevent the formation of cavities or splinter lines in the core, which can easily lead to leakages. The pull up pants also come with an extended core design, to provide an additional safety net against leakages, especially as older children will tend to pee more.

Aside from the technical properties, Peekapoo has also stood out in a crowded and hyper competitive baby diaper market, thanks to its supply chain, distribution and pricing strategies, as reviewed below.

No middle man or distributor

Peekapoo practises the direct manufacturer to consumer model, skipping the middle man and distributor, and hence all the distributor markups along the way. It even has several collection points around Singapore directly for the consumer. With its materials and diaper manufacturing technologies presumably costing more than their traditional counterparts, this distribution model helps Peekapoo to keep its final price sufficiently competitive.

Pricing and packaging strategy

All other baby diaper brands we are aware of in Singapore adopt the same pricing and packaging strategy – the larger the diaper size, the fewer pieces per pack, with the price per pack either staying the same or increasing. This makes perfect business sense – a bigger diaper will need more materials and resources to make, hence it should cost more.

Peekapoo has seemingly flipped this on its head and adopted a totally unconventional pricing and packaging approach, which we think is simply brilliant.

First, the pieces per pack for the respective tape and pants series stay the same, regardless of size. Second, the price per pack stays the same too, irrespective of size. This means the XL tape for your 3-year-old costs the same per piece as the NB tape for your 3-month-old. No doubt, it has hit a “sweet spot” pricing vs cost dynamic which can be applied uniformly across all the different diaper sizes.

And the true genius, we think, is that parents will think, rightly, that as their child progresses through the sizes, they are getting better and better value for their money. And this consumer psychological tactic may well prove to be one of their strongest, if not the strongest, competitive moats.

Peekapoo taped diapers are available in the following sizes:

  • Newborn (NB): up to 5kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 80.
  • Small (S): 4 to 8kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 80. Nicknamed Sleeper.
  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 80. Nicknamed Crawler.
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 80. Nicknamed Walker.
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 18kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 80. Nicknamed Talker.

Peekapoo pull up pants are available in the following sizes:

  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 50. Nicknamed Crawler.
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 50. Nicknamed Walker.
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 18kg. Sold in packs of 12 and 50. Nicknamed Talker.
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 15 to 25kg. Sold in packs of 50. Nicknamed Explorer.

Peekapoo Bamboo Baby Wipes

While the main focus has been on diapers, Peekapoo has also expanded to other baby product lines, such as baby wipes.

While the wet wipes may not boast the same kind of revolutionary credentials as the diapers, they still make use of the latest, eco-friendly techniques and materials. The wipes are made of 100% biodegradable, unbleached, non-toxic bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre is an increasingly common material for baby wipes, mainly because of its anti-microbial properties, with other brands such as Cloversoft having gained a foothold in the market.

Ingredients wise, the makeup is 99.9% pure water and 0.1% honeysuckle extract, with the latter known for its soothing, cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. The wipes are free of other nasties such as chlorine, paraben, formaldehyde and alcohol.

Peekapoo Bamboo Baby Wipes are available in packs of 10 and 80.

Enjoy even better value for money for Peekapoo through Loviya

As mentioned above, Peekapoo keeps their prices and packaging sizes constant for all the diaper sizes, for parents to enjoy ever better value for money.

However, even so, different online platforms and sellers will run different promotions for Peekapoo nappies and wipes at different times. When it’s your turn to support this homegrown brand, how do you know where to buy Peekapoo at the cheapest prices in Singapore and enjoy even more value?

At Loviya, we feature some of the lowest prices for Peekapoo tape, pants and wipes from top online platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Qoo10 and EAMart, so that you can easily compare the best deals and save. With more than 80 offers from these popular merchants, shop with confidence and save big on your purchase!

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