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Price list of Pampers

The average prices for Pampers diaper tape and pants in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya)

Baby Dry Tape

  • NB90: S$12
  • S82: S$15.5
  • M64: S$12
  • L54: S$12
  • XL40: S$12
  • XXL34: S$12

Baby Dry Pants

  • M58: S$12.2
  • L44: S$17.4
  • XL38: S$16.7
  • XXL26: S$15.2

Premium Care Tape

  • NB64: S$16.8
  • NB66: S$11.9
  • NB70: S$13.9
  • S60: S$11.9
  • S62: S$16.8
  • M48: S$11.4
  • M52: S$16.8
  • L40: S$10.4
  • L42: S$16.8

Premium Care Pants

  • M44: S$22.9
  • M46: S$16.8
  • M48: S$18.5
  • L34: S$11.4
  • L38: S$16.8
  • XL36: S$16.8

Summer Aircon Pants

  • M54: S$15.9
  • M70: S$20.4
  • L40: S$17.8
  • L54: S$31.5
  • XL36: S$17.8
  • XL48: S$20.4

Pure Protection Tape

  • NB62: S$22.4
  • S58: S$22.4
  • M46: S$20.6

Pure Protection Pants

  • M44: S$20.6
  • L34: S$21.7
  • XL30: S$20.6

Overnights Pants

  • L30: S13.3
  • XL26: S$13.3
  • XXL22: S$15

Origin of Pampers

You could say a brand has reached an apex in terms of consumer consciousness when its brand name is synonymous with the product category itself.

This could certainly be said of Pampers, which is used interchangeably with the generic “diapers”, especially among the older generations in Singapore.

Today, Pampers is an established baby diaper brand in its own right, in Singapore and internationally. Developed by household products behemoth Procter & Gamble (P&G), it was first conceived by a P&G chemical engineer, Victor Mills, in the 1950s, who tired of changing cloth diapers for his grandchild.

In 2012, it became the first P&G brand to generate S$10billion in annual revenue, reflecting its enduring popularity.

Introduced in Singapore more than 30 years ago, Pampers was widely popular among parents here, especially in the nineties. It continues to garner a significant share of the local market, with the Pampers Baby Dry line introduced in 2014, and subsequently, the Premium Care series.

So what makes this grand old dame of baby nappies so special? We go into a detailed review below on the different series of tape and pants available in Singapore today.

Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry has been a mainstay of the brand in Singapore since 2014, when it started replacing the Pampers Active Baby series. The former is made in Japan or the Philippines, with distinctive Japanese characters on the packaging.

As with many diaper brands, the core value proposition of Baby Dry lies in its absorbent core (pun intended). This core consists of the Magic Gel, specially formulated with natural ingredients to absorb up to 30 times its weight, as compared to 4 times the weight for normal cotton. This means an absorbent power of up to 7 wettings, and usage of up to 12 hours overnight. 

Despite being un-cottony in its absorbency, Baby Dry diapers still has a soft cottony feel for your baby’s skin. This is achieved through the use of soft but high-performance fibres in the top sheet and outer covers, such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester.

While these materials commonly used in other nappy brands are nothing to shout about, the skin-protecting lotion infused in the top sheet does distinguish Baby Dry from its competitors. This lotion consists of ingredients commonly found in skin soothing and hydrating products, such as petrolatum (used in lip balms), stearyl alcohol and aloe barbadensis leaf extract.

While the diapers are also lauded for their thinness, another striking feature as you open up each diaper piece is the scent, especially from the absorbent pad.

That’s right, Pampers Baby Dry diapers contain alcohol and fragrance, which many major baby nappy brands have eschewed. While P&G has made pains to explain how the diapers have undergone vigorous safety checks, it is understandable if many parents still harbour reservations about the potential effects of these ingredients on their child’s skin.

However, conversely, this also reflects a company that’s bold enough to go against the grain, to experiment and innovate so as to continually improve the diapering experience for parent and child.

Other features of Baby Dry are par for the course for diapers nowadays, such as leak guards, 360-degree breathability, a wetness indicator, a stretchy front tape (for tape diapers), as well as an elastic waistband (for pants).

That said, the refreshed version of Baby Dry Pants now boasts a new claim: a more efficient absorbency of under 1 second!

Pampers Baby Dry is sold in Singapore in the following sizes:


  • Newborn (NB): up to 5kg. Sold in packs of 90
  • Small (S): 4 to 8kg. Sold in packs of 82
  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Sold in packs of 64
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Sold in packs of 54
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 16kg. Sold in packs of 40
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): over 16kg. Sold in packs of 34


  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Sold in packs of 58
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Sold in packs of 44
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 22kg. Sold in packs of 38
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 15 to 28kg. Sold in packs of 26

Pampers Premium Care

Pampers Premium Care, formerly known as Premium Silk, was introduced around 5 years ago in 2017, particularly for those who are more discerning about what they want in a diaper.

As the name suggests, it represents an upgrade on the Baby Dry series. While Premium Care retains some core features of its cousin, such as the all-round breathability and Magic Gel core, it has made subtle yet significant refinements to others to make it even more comfortable for babies. These are:

  • A more breathable top sheet with 10 million micropores.
  • A larger cut compared to the corresponding size for Baby Dry. This can prove very important in terms of an overall comfort fit, anti-chafing and anti-leak protection, especially for larger babies.
  • For tape diapers, front tapes with 2 times elasticity. As a result, the front tapes can now be overlapped, especially useful for those who prefer a tighter fit without squishing baby’s tummy.
  • For pull-up pants, a newly designed waistband with a S-curve contour, for a more natural fit for older kids.
  • A more soothing lotion in the top sheet, with calendula essence and shea butter added for extra anti-bacterial and nourishing properties.

Overall, despite the obviously higher prices, Pampers Premium Care represents a worthwhile investment, especially for babies with sensitive skin. It retains all that makes Baby Dry great, while affording even greater protection for your child’s skin.

Pampers Premium Care is sold in Singapore in the following sizes:


  • Newborn (NB): 4 to 6kg. Sold in packs of 64, 66, 70 and 88.
  • Small (S): 5 to 8kg. Sold in packs of 60, 62 and 80.
  • Medium (M): 7 to 13kg. Sold in packs of 48, 52 and 66.
  • Large (L): 10 to 17kg. Sold in packs of 40 and 42.


  • Medium (M): 6 to 10kg. Sold in packs of 44, 46, 48 and 64.
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Sold in packs of 34, 38 and 50.
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 22kg. Sold in packs of 30, 36 and 46.

Pampers Baby Summer Aircon Pants

In terms of bespoke diapers, P&G takes it up a notch by launching the limited edition Pampers Baby Summer Aircon Pants in 2020, specifically for hot and humid weather like Singapore’s.

While features such as the 10million micropores for enhanced breathability and cooling effect are highly touted, these are actually already present in other series such as Pampers Premium Care.

Perhaps the real distinctive feature about the pull-up Aircon pants is the breathable waistband. A tight-fitting waistband which traps sweat and moisture underneath can make a child very uncomfortable, with the skin becoming shrivelled and squashy.

A breathable waistband with better air circulation will help to dispel the perspiration and dampness more quickly, allowing the skin to feel drier and fresher.

Also, while the use of “Aircon” is mainly a marketing gimmick, the outer cover of these pants do measure up to 5 degrees Celsius cooler compared to other diapers, based on tests conducted.  

Pampers Baby Summer Aircon Pants are available in the following sizes:

  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Sold in packs of 54 and 70.
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Sold in packs of 40 and 54.
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 22kg. Sold in packs of 36 and 48.

Pampers Pure Protection Diapers

Pampers Pure Protection Diapers is the brand’s eco-friendly line. As with many other environmentally-friendly nappies, the list of excluded additives is largely based on the EU 26 Allergens guidelines.

The brand markets these diapers as free of, among others, chlorine, parabens, latex and fragrances. The last bit is important, because these diapers are the only fragrance-free Pampers nappies sold in Singapore currently.

Adding to the “greenness” of Pampers Pure, the absorbent core is made of sustainably-sourced wood pulp, while the outer sheet consists of virgin American cotton. The inner top sheet comes with shea butter as an additional emollient, although the brand does not divulge the rest of the plant-based ingredients for the top sheet.

Unsurprisingly, “green” diapers such as this are priced at a premium. But if you think it’s worth it, here are the sizes for Pampers Pure available in Singapore:


  • Newborn (NB): up to 4.5kg. Sold in packs of 62
  • Small (S): 4 to 8kg. Sold in packs of 58
  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Sold in packs of 46


  • Medium (M): 6 to 11kg. Sold in packs of 44
  • Large (L): 9 to 14kg. Sold in packs of 34
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 22kg. Sold in packs of 30

Pampers Overnights Pants

Pampers Overnights Pants represents the brand’s attempt to muscle in on the night-time diaper pants market for older kids in Singapore. Arguably it is playing catch-up here, with brands such as MamyPoko having established a foothold in this diaper category. 

The triple-layer, dual-core Magic Gel absorption technology helps to keep bedwetting to a minimum, with the leak guards and natural fit as extra protection. 

Pampers Overnights Pants are sold in the following sizes in Singapore:

  • Large (L): 9 to 15kg. Sold in packs of 30
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 to 17kg. Sold in packs of 26
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 15 to 25kg. Sold in packs of 22


Do Pampers diapers have an expiry date?

  • While many diaper manufacturers, including Pampers, state that their nappies technically do not expire, it is still recommended to use the diapers within 2 to 3 years of purchase. There may be some yellowish discoloration of unopened diapers during prolonged storage, but this does not affect their performance.

Do Pampers diapers have a wetness indicator

  • Yes, this is a given for practically all major diaper brands. The wetness indicator strip can be found on the front of Pampers diaper tape and pants, for series such as Premium Care and Baby Dry. The strip will turn from yellow to blue when it’s time for a change.

Do Pampers pants come in gender-specific versions?

  • Unlike other brands, Pampers pull-up pants are made for unisex use, and are suitable for both boys and girls.

Does Pampers cause allergic reactions?

  • No diaper is 100% suitable, non-allergenic for every baby. Even with the best diaper design, technology and materials, microscopic dermatological factors and sensitivities mean allergic reactions can still occur.
  • As with all diaper brands, Pampers may cause allergic reactions such as rash and inflammation, depending on the skin sensitivity of your child.

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