Nomieo Diapers


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Prices of Nomieo diapers

The average prices per pack for Nomieo tapes & pants in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):


  • S60: S$11.63
  • M52: S$11.63
  • L46: S$11.63
  • XL44: S$11.63
  • XXL42: S$11.63


  • S48: S$11.63
  • M46: S$11.63
  • L44: S$11.63
  • XL42: S$11.63
  • XXL40: S$11.63
  • XXXL38: S$11.63

Nomieo is promoted as one of the most price competitive diapers in the market. So how does it stack up against other common brands?

For tape diapers, we found that, on average, its price per piece is around 26% cheaper than brands such as Merries and Huggies.

For pants, the price difference is much more significant. On average, Nomieo pants are 76% cheaper per piece versus brands such as Pampers.

Even when compared against cheaper brands such as Drypers, Nomieo holds its own, with its pants being 18% cheaper per piece on average.

In a saturated baby diapers market, new entrants often start off with attractive pricing strategies. And this is certainly the case with Nomieo diapers, delivering more affordable diapers without compromising on design and important qualities.

Origin of Nomieo diapers

Here in Singapore, diapers from Japanese or Western brands have long been very popular.

And for good reason too.

The design and functionality of these diapers is backed up by years of R&D, with many parents raving about their comfort and absorptivity.

However, as many mummies and daddies can attest to as well, these diapers do not come cheap.

Thankfully, with diaper design and technology evolving and becoming more common, new entrants are entering this saturated market, competing not just on price, but also similar or even better design and features.

Nomieo is one such relatively new diaper brand.

The brand first started in China in 2018 and reached Singapore’s shores in 2020. It touts itself as a high-end, yet cost-effective, diaper option for parents, not only in Singapore, but also in Southeast Asia and other international markets.

Indeed, it exports to other major markets such as Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Middle East.

The team behind Nomieo has more than 15 years of experience in developing baby products, and its diapers do indeed cover the most important aspects of a good, reliable diaper.

Design and features of Nomieo diapers

Slim yet reliable absorption core

A diaper without good absorption is like a sponge that’s unable to absorb water well.

What we like about the diapers is its absorption core that measures only 3mm.

That’s thinner than many other diaper brands out there and yet, it’s able to last your baby up to 12 hours. That’s certainly enough for overnight use.

(Tip #1: When your baby is old enough, switch him or her to diaper pants instead of tape for overnight use. Pants generally have larger absorptive capacity than their tape counterparts)

The absorption core wicks away pee and poo liquid instantly, helping to keep your baby’s bottom dry.

(Tip #2: But honestly, even though Nomieo diapers are designed for overnight use, if your baby poos in the middle of the night, please do change the diapers immediately.

Because leaving it till the morning will only mean one thing: an angry, red rash on your baby’s bottom, together with an even angrier/more distressed baby.

If you co-sleep with your baby, the poo smell is usually unmistakable. However, especially if a diaper is tight fitting and the absorption core does its work, the smell may not be that obvious, particularly if you just happen to wake up and your nose is still half-asleep.

Hence it may be a good idea that you just have a quick sniff literally right at your baby’s bottom, just to make sure there’s no heavenly poo smell.

Without waking baby up, of course!)

Embossed surface

The inner layer of a Nomieo diaper comes with a specially designed embossed surface.

This helps to reduce contact with your baby’s bottom, which in turns reduces chafing and the likelihood of diaper rash.

Babies and children are generally pretty active. Whether they are running, hopping, crawling or simply rolling about, you would want to make sure that the diaper does not rub too hard against their delicate skin.

After all, diaper rash cream does not come cheap either, especially if you use it in liberal amounts.

Breathable cotton layer

Speaking of the inner layer, it is also made up of many tiny vents that promote air circulation.

Without good air circulation, moisture and damp air will be trapped at your baby’s bottom.

And the result? Imagine the diaper becoming a mini hothouse, with your baby’s bottom experiencing Singapore’s hot and humid weather inside.

Yes, diaper rash again.

A combination of a breathable inner layer and soft surface is essential to keeping your baby’s bottom dry, cool and as un-irritated as possible.

Glad that this is something Nomieo does well.

Comfortable elastic waistband

This is a feature that’s pretty standard for many major diaper brands nowadays, and it’s also something that Nomieo does a reasonably good job at.

A good, fitting and comfortable elastic waistband should not hinder your baby’s movement, while at the same time preventing leakage through the back.

Dual-layer side walls

Speaking of leakage prevention, the diapers are also designed with dual-layer side walls that are claimed as leak-proof.

These side walls would certainly help to prevent leakage along the thighs. Especially if your baby has a mega poo bomb (which can happen quite often, particularly in the early days when he or she has drunk too much milk), every bit of leak prevention helps.

Wetness indicator

This is a very useful feature, especially for new, first-time parents in the early days.

Nomieo diapers have a yellow line wetness indicator that turns green when the diaper is wet.

Although in terms of colour design from a human factors perspective, green does not seem to be that ideal, as compared to another colour that screams warning, such as red.

Although, to be fair, we have hardly come across diaper brands that use red to indicate wetness.

(Tip #3: When the wetness indicator changes colour, do not rush to tear off the diapers yet. Sometimes it could be just a particular portion of the diaper that’s wet and loaded e.g. front part, instead of the entire diaper.

Which means the diaper still has some absorptive capacity left, and does not need to be changed yet.

Use your hands to feel around the diaper to see how soaked/loaded it is overall.

Of course, some parents prefer to change diapers often for hygiene and diaper rash prevention.

Or some babies have more sensitive skin which necessitates more frequent diaper changes.

Do what you think is best for your baby.)

Types of Nomieo diapers

As with most diaper brands nowadays, Nomieo diapers are sold in both tape and pants versions.

As a general guide, tape diapers are usually suitable for babies up to 4 – 6 months old. Beyond that, as your baby’s waist and thighs grow bigger, you can transit to pants, especially for overnight use.

Here are the sizes for tape and pants offered:


  • Small: 4 – 8kg, 60 pieces per pack
  • Medium: 6 – 11kg, 52 pieces per pack
  • Large: 9 – 14kg, 46 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12 – 17kg, 44 pieces per pack
  • XXL: above 15kg, 42 pieces per pack


  • Small: 4 – 8kg, 48 pieces per pack
  • Medium: 6 – 11kg, 46 pieces per pack
  • Large: 9 – 14kg, 44 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12 – 17kg, 42 pieces per pack
  • XXL: above 15kg, 40 pieces per pack
  • XXXL: above 17kg, 38 pieces per pack

Get the best deals for Nomieo diapers in Loviya

Here in Loviya, you can compare prices for both Nomieo diaper tape and pants between popular online marketplaces and merchants in Singapore.

This helps you to find out which merchants and sellers are offering the best deals and promotions for the diaper you want, so that you can save on your purchase.

You can compare between merchants and sellers based on not only price per pack, but also your preferred purchase quantity.

Nomieo is a relatively new brand in Singapore, hence there may not be as many merchants carrying it yet. Still, here in Loviya, you can compare prices for this brand between popular merchants such as Qoo10 and Shopee. After comparing, simply click through directly to the merchant product store and make your purchase directly in the merchant’s website or app.

As many parents will know, diapers are a costly but necessary part of baby caregiving. And every bit of savings will help.

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