Nature One Dairy

Nature One Dairy

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About Nature One Dairy

Nature One Dairy is an Australian-owned company that is dedicated to producing high quality powdered milk products designed for every age group.

Why choose Nature One Dairy in Singapore

  • Products manufactured in ISO8 pharmaceutical grade facility
  • Formulated by food science technologists to be as similar to breast milk as possible
  • Excellent hygiene standards

Nature One Dairy formula milk products are from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk in Australia. Only the finest ingredients are used, and every ingredient undergoes rigorous testing and analysis by licensed laboratories in Australia and internationally. The formulas are available in a can, resealable pouch, or travel pack to suit your different needs.

Nature One Dairy for newborns (Stage 1) & infants (Stage 2)

Mothers should breastfeed their child during their infant years. However, if breastfeeding is not possible, the newborn and follow-on infant formulas are specially designed as a nutritious alternative to help your child receive the nutrients they need.

Nature One Dairy for toddlers (Stage 3) & older kids (Stage 4)

Toddler formulas (1 - 3 years) are specially formulated to complement a solid food diet where nutrition and energy from solids may not suffice. Including nutrients such as taurine, DHA, Vitamin D, A, E, zinc, iron and more, these formulas help to promote eye health, support development of bones and teeth, strengthen your child’s natural defenses and promote growth.

Junior formulas (3+ years) are designed to provide the essential nutrients your child needs for physical and mental development. They are formulated with high quality ingredients and packed with nutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins and more to strengthen bones and teeth as well as support the development of your child’s natural defenses.


Nature One Dairy Standard series is a nutritious milk formula designed to be gentle on your child’s tummy for easier digestion. It includes all the essential nutrients required to support strengthening and development of immunity, bones, and eyes.


Nature One Dairy Premium series is formulated with high levels of essential nutrients to support your child’s physical development. It is made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best nutrition for your child.


The Nature One Dairy Organic series is made with organic milk powder that has been certified organic. It contains a higher concentration of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential vitamins, and antioxidants. These nutrients help to support your baby’s development and growth.

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