Nan Milk Powder

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About Nan milk powder

Nan creates scientifically advanced formula for every child at every age. Every formula is created with expertise from research by dedicated scientists in an established nutrition research centre.

Why choose Nestle Nan

  • Precision & perfection
  • Best innovation in child nutrition
  • Scientifically advanced age-adapted formula

Nan Optipro

Nan Optipro is a formula milk developed after years of experience from scientific research and innovation in child nutrition. This premium milk formula provides your child with all the essential nutrients needed for healthy overall development. The advanced and improved formula contains 2’-FL, a prebiotic found in breast milk. It plays a crucial role in building your child’s immune system to combat viruses and other pathogens in their early years.

Nan Optipro H.A.

Nan Optipro H.A. is a premium hypoallergenic formula specially formulated to be gentle for baby’s digestive system. It contains a unique blend of partially broken-down whey proteins which makes it easier to digest compared to regular cow’s milk. Build up your child’s natural defense system with the addition of 2’-FL in this new formula. Together with iron, vitamins and essential nutrients, this formula supports brain and eye development and helps to maintain a healthy digestive system for your precious little one.

Nan Lactose Free

Specially formulated for children who are lactose intolerant, Nan Lactose Free is suitable to be used as part of a lactose free diet. The formula can be taken by babies from birth up to 6 months. Please consult a doctor before using this formula for your child.

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