Merries Diapers

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Prices of Merries diapers

The average prices for Merries diaper tape and pants in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya from supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice and online merchants such as Shopee & Lazada):


  • NB60: S$15.75
  • NB90:S$15
  • NB96:S$17.5
  • S54: S$15.75
  • S82: S$17.25
  • S88: S$17.5
  • M64: S$17.25
  • M68: S$17.5
  • L54: S$17.98
  • L58: S$17.5
  • XL44: S$17.98


  • M33: S$14.5
  • M58:S$17.67
  • M64:S$17.5
  • L44: S$17.67
  • L50: S$17.5
  • L56: S$28.5
  • XL24: S$15
  • XL38: S$17.67
  • XL44: S$17.5
  • XL50: S$29
  • XXL26: S$18.33
  • XXL28: S$14.98

Origin of Merries

Ask any parent of a young kid here in Singapore about Merries, and chances are you will get a positive response. And it’s no wonder, because Merries is arguably one of the top 3 best selling baby diaper brands in Singapore today.

Aside from Merries, you may also find the name of its parent company familiar. Kao Corporation was first established in Japan in the 19th century, with its first foray being facial soap. The modern-day Kao has since grown into a global conglomerate with an established presence in numerous consumer markets, spanning beauty, cleaning, health and hygiene, among others. In Singapore, the household names in its portfolio include Biore (facial wash), Laurier (sanitary pads), as well as Attack and Magiclean (home cleaning).

The company has an extensive focus on R&D, and Merries itself has undergone continuous innovation and improvement over the past 40 years. The Merries diapers you see today is a result of features and functionalities progressively and iteratively trialled and tested over the years, including breathability, softness, wetness indicator, as well as stretchability and fit.

No matter through online or offline channels, Merries has always maintained high market visibility here in Singapore, with its popularity showing no signs of waning even with the entry of new baby diaper competitors.

Fun fact: The brand term “Merries” was derived from the word “merry” and the merry-go-round toy mobile for babies. It’s intended to evoke joy in babies, and while it’s a stretch to say that the diapers are directly responsible for your little one’s giggles and laughter, they have certainly helped make your baby more comfortable, and your life easier. So much so that, many parents are willing to pay a higher premium for Merries, compared to other cheaper alternatives.

Here in Loviya, we will do a detailed review of the Merries diaper tape and pants available in Singapore.

Merries tape diapers


One of the biggest selling points of Merries tape diapers, vs other brands, is its breathability. Without regular and efficient air circulation through the diaper, your baby’s bottom will easily get hot, stuffy and moist, an ideal recipe for one of your worst parenting nightmares, the diaper rash.

So how does Merries make its tape diapers “breathe” better than others, and expel stuffiness and moisture so that your baby’s bum bum can stay dry and tender for prolonged periods? The technology behind this is the triple layer air through system, underpinned by research which uncovered some interesting facts about a baby’s physiology:

  • Babies tend to sweat twice as much as adults
  • This, together with your baby’s discharge, can mean that the moisture level in a diaper can go up to 80%. Basically a hyper-humid microclimate is formed down there.
  • A baby’s skin is usually half the thickness of an adult’s skin, making the former much more prone and sensitive to irritations caused by external agents and changes in the microenvironment.

You can certainly appreciate how the microenvironment down there can quickly become stuffy, damp, smelly, and a haven for dodgy microorganisms to thrive.

So how does the triple layer air through system drive away the doom and gloom down there? As the name suggests, it uses a 3-pronged strategy as follows:

  • The top layer consists of an airy, light mesh material with a wavy convex design that helps to reduce the contact area with your baby’s skin by half. Not only does this design increase the absorption of pee and poo (more on this below), it also allows moisture to escape easily through the gaps between the top layer and the skin.
  • The middle layer effectively serves a dual purpose – an absorbent layer while also allowing moisture and damp air to pass through easily.
  • And finally, the bottom layer, an all-round breathable sheet that releases the moisture and damp air unhindered.

For those of you reading this, these 3 layers may sound like a wondrous panacea, and you may expect your baby’s skin to feel totally dry and pristine to the touch. Well, unfortunately, diaper technology, and life in general, do not quite work like that. No technology is perfect, and while this triple layer system is impressive, in terms of breathability it can *only* remove about 50% of the moisture from the diapers. The “only” is qualified because, honestly, this performance already trumps that of many other diaper brands, where very often only generalities regarding breathability and moisture retention are provided, without any such precise measurements.

Absorption & in-place retention

As parents, how many times have we discovered a particular diaper overflowing way earlier than expected? Or opened up our baby’s diaper to find semi-liquid poo lathered across his or her bum bum like butter? (Alright, we really do not intend to spoil your breakfast tomorrow, especially if you are a butter fan.)

Merries solves both these problems in one fell swoop, in the way the top absorption layer is designed:

  • The polymer material used in the absorption layer can absorb up to 200 to 300 times the weight of fluid relative to its weight. This means that unlike many other tape diapers, you can safely use Merries diapers, even for tape, through the night, up to about 12 hours.
  • Remember the convex design of the top absorption layer mentioned earlier? While this main convex design increases the surface area for rapid absorption of pee and poo, there is a secondary design which is even more ingenious – alongside the main convex area is a secondary, parallel area with smaller convex shapes, designed to limit the spreading of the poo and pee across the rest of the diaper.

Hence, not only is your baby’s discharge absorbed quickly, it is locked and retained in place and confined to a limited area, making diaper changing as fuss and mess free as possible.

Leak guards

No matter how good a diaper’s absorptivity is, there is no guarantee against leakage or overflow, even for Merries. Suppose your baby starts gulping down water or milk at 2 or 3 times the usual rate (which at times they do), even the best diapers will overflow in less than an hour’s time.

In such instances, effective leak guards at the sides and back of the diaper can help to reduce the leakage. Merries tape diapers come with 3D side gathers and back gathers that fit nicely on your baby.

In addition, how the diaper is fastened onto your baby plays an important role in how effective the leak guards are. For the side gathers, adjust such that they fit evenly and equally around each thigh, and make sure the gathers are pulled outwards, not folded inwards. For the back gathers, pull the back of the diaper sufficiently high, such that it’s slightly higher than the front part, and also fasten the tape velcro diagonally downwards.

Run 2 fingers around the circumference of the diapers and the fit should feel just right – tight enough to prevent leakage, while still snug and comfortable enough for your baby. If it feels too loose or tight, adjust accordingly.

There is no exact science for this. With some practice, you will be able to find the optimal fit for your baby, and make full use of Merries’ leak guard design. But of course, if you find your baby outgrowing the existing diaper size e.g. diaper feels too squishy around the waist or thighs, difficulty in fastening the velcro tape in the ideal marked zone, it’s time to transit to a bigger size.

Honourable mention: Merries diapers also come with our favourite wetness indicator, with the colour changing from yellow to dark blue to indicate it’s time for a change. Please note that as the wetness indicator is sensitive to ambient moisture, the colour may change from yellow to green, even if the package is not opened. This does not affect the efficacy of the feature.

Available sizes for Merries tape diapers

And this brings us to the available sizes for Merries tape in Singapore. With the established popularity of Merries here, there’s quite a mind-boggling array of quantities per pack for each size, consisting of both international versions and domestic Japan versions such as jumbo packs.

Here are the sizes and quantities available in Singapore:

  • Newborn (NB): up to 5kg. Available in packs of 60, 90 & 96
  • Small (S): 4 – 8 kg. Available in packs of 54, 82 & 88
  • Medium (M): 6 – 11kg. Available in packs of 64, 68 & 76
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg. Available in packs of 54, 58 & 64
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 20kg. Available in packs of 44

Merries pants

Merries pants diapers, also known as Walker pants, are meant for older children. As with other diaper brands, the design and technology behind the tape diapers is also incorporated in the pull-up pants version, with further tweaks to cater for older children.

We highlight 2 of the more significant design adaptations for the pants diaper below:

  • Breathability: While a sufficiently tight fit is important for leak prevention, with a quality pants diaper, it should not come at the expense of breathability. Breathability is arguably more important for older children, who are more active and tend to perspire more. Merries knows this, hence the undulating convex design around the waist gathers to create micro channels for dampness and heat to escape. The all-round breathable outer sheet also helps ensure that the waist, crotch and thigh areas are sufficiently ventilated.
  • Comfortable fit: Have you noticed the pressure marks on your child’s waist after wearing a pants diaper? If the marks look too deep, or are all around the waist, the stretchability design of the pants may not be that ideal. Other factors can exacerbate this problem, such as your child’s tummy getting bloated from over-eating or gassiness. Merries has certainly improved their pants on this, with the waist gathers now being 2.5 times more stretchable than the previous iteration. The mark of a good comfortable diaper pants is the number of pressure marks on your child’s waist (pun intended!), and Merries certainly falls under this category. The Japanese are sticklers for research, and another indication of this is how they have calculated that with the enhanced stretchability, parents now need 25% less strength to change the pants diaper for their child.

Merries pants (and tapes) are expensive, but it may be worth your buck considering the continual innovation to make your child happier and diaper changing easier.

Available sizes for Merries pants diapers

As with the tape diapers, Merries Walker pants come in a wider variety of quantities per pack (including volume up versions) in Singapore, compared to other diaper brands.

  • Medium (M): 6 – 11kg. Available in packs of 33, 58 & 64
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg. Available in packs of 44, 50 & 56
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 22kg. Available in packs of 24, 38, 44 & 50
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 15 – 28kg. Available in packs of 26 & 28

Expiry date of Merries

Note though, that in terms of expiry date for all Merries tape and pants, the diapers should be used within 3 years of the manufacturing date.

Merries – save on costs, not on quality

We hope this review has been useful. As you may have known by now, Merries belongs to a higher tier of baby diapers in Singapore. And with this, of course, come higher prices. For you, like many parents, Merries is a perennial favourite, but inevitably, the higher prices can cause a real pinch.

While you definitely do not want to skimp on quality and trustworthiness, you can, even should, certainly save on costs whenever you can. Loviya can certainly can help you with the latter, without compromising on the former. With more than 320 reliable sellers from the top online marketplaces & merchants in Singapore, you can easily compare prices and enjoy the best sales for all your Merries diaper tape and pants, for all the different sizes and pieces per pack. What’s more, you can even compare purchase quantities from each merchant, so that you only buy what you need.

Save big by comparing prices and buying Merries online through Loviya, and still enjoy the same quality and innovation from this awesome brand.

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