LEC Wet Wipes

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Prices of LEC wet wipes

The average prices for LEC wet wipes in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):

  • 9% Pure Water Baby Wipes, 80s: S$1.78
  • 9% Pure Water Baby Wipes, Messy Time, 80s: S$2.39
  • 9% Pure Water Baby Wipes, Thick Type, 60s: S$2.39
  • 9% Pure Water Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes, 80s: S$2.19

As parents, what's the most crucial thing we want for our adorable baby? Isn't that health and safety? Ay, Yea, it is. 

Every detail matters to us when it comes to our child, whether it be toys, clothes, shoes, or most importantly, diapers for unexpected blowouts. When it comes to diapers, we can't forget baby wipes too. Newborns have sensitive skin, so we can't tolerate negligence that can harm them. Messy diapers make the baby's skin more susceptible to rashes and irritation as their skin's natural pH balance is disturbed. Cleaning with baby wipes can help you maintain the natural pH of your little one's skin.

Additionally, they protect from the pain that can be caused by scrubbing. However, it would help for you to be careful while selecting wipes for your baby's little bums, as they should be free from every ingredient that can be harmful. In the following, we are going to talk about various types of wipes offered by a trusted brand, LEC. 

History of LEC Inc.       

LEC Inc. is a Japanese corporation that was founded on October 1, 1979. Life Enjoyment & Convenience is the full name for LEC. It manufactures several household products, including box covers, soy sauce pots, plastic products, pin hooks, baby wipes, and other items for business and retail sales. According to the company's official website, LEC has earned 49,684 million yen in 2021 from sales with 848 employees. LEC Inc.'s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan.

LEC baby wipes are not only famous in Japan but also have successfully achieved the trust of hundreds of mothers all over the world. The ingredients used to make baby wipes are harmless and keep the baby fit as a fiddle. Their baby wipes consist of water, propinyl phthalate carbamate, benzalkonium chloride, hydroxypropyl trimomium hyaluronate, and others. The following are four types of baby wet wipes offered by LEC Inc, with our detailed review for each of them.

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes comprise 99.9% of pure water to clean the exquisite bums of your little one and 0.01% of other ingredients to keep baby's skin healthy and sound. These wipes are designed and developed by focusing on the kid's sensitive skin and have earned trust. Mums around the world are suggesting the use of LEC wipes through social media reviews and comments.

LEC baby wipes are free from alcohol, parabens, preservatives, fluorescent agents, and formaldehyde. Their 99.9% pure water content with hyaluronic acid sequence makes them moisturizing for the baby's little bums.

Children's skin is more sensitive, nearly twice as much as adults. It makes them more vulnerable to diseases and rashes, and a little stimulation like a rough rub can cause discomfort. So, LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes are formulated to be safe and moisturizing for a little one's buttocks, hands, face, and body. 

These wipes are also eco-friendly and more sustainable for the environment. Their pure water feature allows them to stand out from the competition. Moreover, wet tissues can create a lot of irritation for the baby, and in this case, using pure water wipes is the best option for the healthy skin of your baby. 


The following are some of the most common and lovely features of LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes, including the ingredients:

  • They are composed of 99.9% water, propinyl phthalate carbamate, benzalkonium chloride, and hydroxypropyl trimomium hyaluronate.
  • Designed and manufactured using the latest automation technology and with strict health measures. 
  • Pure water content with hyaluronic acid ingredients keeps the baby's skin moisturized.
  • Free from alcohol, paraben, fluorescent agents, formaldehyde, and preservatives.
  • Limit the irritation that wet tissues can produce.
  • Easy to use and inexpensive 

These pure water wipes are available in packs of 80 pieces. They are also known as LEC Everyday Wipes by some.

What are real mamas saying?

LEC baby wipes are not only famous in Japan's domestic market, but mamas from all over the world are praising them because of the smoothness and benefits they provide at an affordable price. A satisfied user described her experience by giving a 5-star review and recommended these wipes as perfect for a baby's sensitive skin.

However, some mamas were not pleased with LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes and complained about the thinness of the wipes. Another user commented that the sheets were thin, and one might need multiple wipes to clean the baby's dirty bum. However, she did add on that they were wet and inexpensive.

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Messy Times Wet Tissues

LEC wet tissues are specifically designed to help you during messy times. Sometimes it's hard to clean the mess created by your little one, especially during meal times. In this situation, if you use dry tissues on sensitive skin, there are many chances that it will cause irritation or rashes.

To avoid any problematic situation and protect your baby's healthy and sensitive skin, it would be a great idea to use LEC 99.9% Pure Water Messy Times Wet Tissues that are pure and specifically formulated for your baby's sensitive skin. They are free from any harmful chemicals or skin stimulants and are allergy-friendly. 

LEC is a well-known corporation and has successfully earned customers' trust by manufacturing products that solve their problems and stay true to their expectations. They develop products keeping customers in their mind and use ingredients which are eco-friendly.

Similarly, LEC 99.9% Pure Water Messy Times Wet Tissues are composed of healthy ingredients that keep baby's skin moisturized and smooth, and free from irritation and rashes.

Due to these characteristics, LEC is not only famous in Japan but also has excellent popularity in Singapore, and mothers love to buy the wipes for their baby's delicate bums. 


LEC 99.9% Pure Water Messy Times Baby Wipes have the following outstanding characteristics:

  • They are designed and manufactured under strict health measures.
  • They consist of 99.9% pure water and 0.01% other complementary ingredients. 
  • Easy to use and budget-friendly.
  • Reduce irritation and keep skin moisturized.

These messy times wipes are available in packs of 80 pieces.

What are real mamas saying?

The popularity of LEC wipes has spread worldwide, and people are sharing their reviews and experiences on social media pages or other ecommerce websites. Ruby from Singapore posted a statement that the wipes were perfect for cleaning messy areas as it's composed of water. Cai Xia also shared her experience by saying the wipes were of good quality at a reasonable price.

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes (Thick Type)

Newborn skin is half of the thickness of an adult’s and is more vulnerable to rashes and irritation. So, LEC formulated thick type baby wipes consisting of 99.9% water for the baby's delicate bums. These wipes are specifically designed for newborn infants, perfect for sensitive skin and limit irritation which can cause a baby's skin to turn red or flaky.

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes (Thick type) are comfortable and not sticky. Its ingredients are healthy for the baby's skin, and it's free from paraben preservatives, alcohol, fragrance, and formaldehyde. Mothers other than in Japan, such as Singapore, love these wipes for their babies and recommend new parents to use LEC wipes as they are beneficial and customer-oriented. 


The following are some of the most prominent features of LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes (Thick Type).

  • Free from fragrance, alcohol, formaldehyde, and paraben preservatives.
  • Extra thick, composed of 99.9% pure water for safe body usage and hyaluronic acid ingredients for moisturizing.
  • Formulated using the latest automation technology with strict health measures.
  • Easy to use and budget-friendly. 

These thick type wipes are available in packs of 60 pieces.

What are real mamas saying?

Mothers worldwide are giving reviews about their LEC baby wipes experience, and overall, they seem to be excited. Lynda posted her experience as "It's thick and works best with my baby, no rash or anything, perfect product at a reasonable price." However, some mamas also think of it as too pricy for everyday use; as Nadia commented, "A little expensive but very gentle and moist on baby's skin for daily use." 

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes

LEC baby wipes are also used to clean newborns' hands and mouths. Babies have soft skin, and they love to play and nibble on every little toy or item. LEC wet wipes can come in handy here by providing gentle yet effective cleaning on your little one's skin.


LEC 99.9% Pure Water Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes have the following unique features.

  • Free from any harmful content such as alcohol, fragrance, aroma, paraben preservatives, and propylene glycol preservatives. 
  • Extra soft and provide effective moisture
  • Perfect for removing dirt and oil from hands and mouths

These hand and mouth wipes are available in packs of 80 pieces.

What are real mamas saying?

Not only in Japan, but LEC is also in demand in Singapore and many other countries because of its uniqueness. Tracy posted her experience as “I'm delighted with LEC and used many other brands before, but now it's my favorite.” Janice also shared her experience that LEC wipes were a good buy, thick but gentle. 

Bottom line

LEC has maintained its brand reputation in the market for decades and continues to produce customer-oriented products. Its wipes are popular worldwide, and hundreds of mothers share their experiences and reviews on social media pages and various retail websites.

LEC wet wipes are budget-friendly and are one of the best products for our baby's delicate and adorable skin. In addition, you can also stock up on them, as their expiry dates are usually 2 to 3 years away.

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