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Prices of Hey Tiger diapers

The average prices for Hey Tiger in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya)

Comfy Tape Diaper

  • NB84: S$11.7
  • S76: S$18
  • M64: S$18
  • L50: S$18

Active Diaper Pants

  • M58: S$12.2
  • L52: S$12.2
  • XL46: S$12.2
  • XXL38: S$12.2


From the same company behind Rascal + Friends, Hey Tiger is a new entrant to the local baby diaper market in Singapore, with its distinctive tiger cub design.

One of the strongest value propositions of Rascal + Friends is its eco-friendliness, eschewing harsh chemicals, fragrances and other substances such as chlorine. One of their main mantras is that what is good for the earth, is also good for your baby.

They have replicated this philosophy in Hey Tiger, which is a close cousin of Rascal + Friends, but with a more affordable price.

Similarly to Rascal + Friends as well, Hey Tiger diapers are designed in New Zealand, and made in China.

Let’s have a more in-depth review below on the 2 series of Hey Tiger, the Comfy Tape Diapers and the Active Diaper Pants.

Materials and ingredients of Hey Tiger

As mentioned above, eco-friendliness and the safety and health of your baby is one of the main guiding principles for Hey Diapers. For something that’s in contact 24/7 with one of the most sensitive and private areas of your infant, the importance of safety and non or hypoallergenic properties cannot be overstated.

In this regard, Hey Tiger diaper tape and pants would certainly provide parents with cause for reassurance rather than concern. These tape diapers are made with no harsh chemicals or additives, fragrances, latex and chlorine. As for the cute tiger prints? These are set with water-based inks. These nappies are also dermatologically tested as suitable for sensitive skin.

Even so, it’s not as if the diapers are wholly wrapped in natural goodness and nothing else. Certain synthetic materials and ingredients are still used, as per the norm in the current diaper manufacturing industry based on existing technology standards and cost constraints.

The diaper sheets are made of polypropylene non-woven fabrics, while the absorbent core consists of sodium polyacrylate (SAP) with fluff pulp to draw away and lock in liquid. SAP is a ubiquitous absorbent polymer used across the diaper, incontinence products and feminine hygiene products industry, and is considered non-toxic by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Nevertheless, strict product safety assessments are part of the manufacturing protocols for Hey Tiger diapers.

The SAP core, which can absorb up to 300 times its weight in liquid, enables Hey Tiger diapers to last up to 10 hours. Not the longest lasting out there, but still decent enough for overnight use.

Hey Tiger Comfy Tape Diapers

One notable feature of the tape diapers is the high waistband design, particularly at the back of the diaper, which helps to keep any “eruptions” in place and reduce leakage from the back. This feature is most effective in tandem with taping the diaper diagonally downwards at the front.

To help parents with the fastening, there are also custom designed grip tabs and sizing indicator zones on the diaper front. In particular, the tabs are designed for fastening closer to the hip area, a relatively new and unique feature, which help to reduce rubbing and pressure around the navel area.

Unlike some other diaper brands, Hey Tiger nappies are also designed with a deeper pocket at the bottom, not only to hold more liquid, but also to reduce contact with your baby’s bum.

It also comes with a breathable backsheet to keep the skin cool and dry, while you should also note that the wetness indicator feature is only available for sizes NB and S.

Hey Tiger Comfy Tape Diapers are available in the following sizes:

  • Newborn (NB): 3 – 5kg, 84 pieces per pack
  • Small (S): for infants weighing 4 – 8kg, 76 pieces per pack
  • Medium (M): for crawlers weighing 6 – 11kg, 64 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): for toddlers weighing 10 – 15kg, 50 pieces per pack

Hey Tiger Active Diaper Pants

The pants come with many similar features as their tape counterpart, such as the deeper pockets, breathable sheet and sizing indicators.

For the pants, there’s the elastic waistband to provide a snug and comfortable fit for your child. And while this waistband serves as a leakage barrier particularly for the back, the leg cuffs do a good equivalent job for the sides, without restricting your child’s movement.

Disposal-wise, the easy-tear sides and resealable tab at the back are pretty standard features, more a norm than an exception for many baby diaper brands nowadays.

Take note that there is only the unisex option available for Hey Tiger pants, with no differentiation for boys and girls.

Hey Tiger Active Diaper Pants are available in the following sizes:

  • Medium (M): for crawlers weighing 6 – 11kg, 58 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): for toddlers weighing 10 – 15kg, 52 pieces per pack
  • Extra Large (XL): for walkers weighing 13 – 18kg, 46 pieces per pack
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): for juniors weighing over 16kg, 38 pieces per pack

Buy Hey Tiger diapers through Loviya and save

For those of you wondering where to buy Hey Tiger diapers in Singapore, you are not alone; as with many new products, it takes time for distribution to pick up and stabilize across a market, and Hey Tiger is no exception.

Despite its relatively limited availability in Singapore, here in Loviya we have still collated the best prices for different sizes of Hey Tiger tape and pants from top online merchants in Singapore. Rather than manually trawling through and researching on available sellers and prices, you can use Loviya to quickly compare prices per pack as well as purchase quantities, and complete your purchase directly with the merchant.

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