Goo.N Diapers


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Prices of Goo.N diapers

The average prices for Goo.N diapers in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):

Goo.N Diapers Japan version (tape)

  • NB90: S$24.9
  • S84: S$17.5
  • M64: S$19.95
  • M68: S$19.75
  • L54: S$19.95
  • XL42: S$19.95

Goo.N Diapers Japan version (pants)

  • S62: S$24.9
  • M58: S$20.9
  • L44 (Girls): S$24.9
  • L44 (Boys): S$20.9
  • XL38 (Girls): S$24.9
  • XL38 (Boys): S$34.9
  • XXL28 (Girls): S$44.6

Goo.N Premium Diapers

  • NB70: S$16.9
  • S64: S$16.9
  • M60: S$16.9
  • L50: S$16.9
  • XL46: S$16.9

Goo.N Premium Pants

  • S62: S$18.9
  • M56: S$15.1
  • L46: S$15.1
  • XL42: S$15.1
  • XXL36: S$15.1
  • XXXL26: S$15.1

Goo.N Friend Pants

  • M54: S$12
  • L46: S$12
  • XL40: S$12
  • XXL34: S$12

Cheerful Baby Pants, M58: S$14.4


As compared to other Japanese diaper brands such as MamyPoko and Merries, Goo.N has scaled back its visibility in Singapore during the past couple of years. At pre-COVID-19 baby fairs, there was no dedicated booth for Goo.N diapers, while nowadays you would struggle to find their diapers at any major retail stores.

Nevertheless, while certain Goo.N diaper series such as the Aromagic pants have been discontinued for the Singapore market, the brand has continued to refresh some of the other series, such as the Premium tape and pants series, which we will review in more detail below.

Goo.N diapers was established in 2002, which represents a relatively short lineage compared to other major Japanese diaper brands. Even so, 10 years later in 2012, the brand won the “Mothers Selection Awards” in Japan, an impressive feat considering the hugely competitive baby diaper industry.

The name “Goo.N” is derived from the Japanese phrase “gun-gun”, which refers to the growth and development of a baby.

Its parent manufacturer company is Daio Paper Corporation, an almost-80-year-old company with a wide range of business interests, particularly in paper products such as cleaning tissues, wet towels, feminine pads and of course, baby diapers.

Over the years, Goo.N has introduced a varied range of baby diaper series in Singapore, some featuring a level of design innovation unseen in other diaper brands at the time. Some of these, perhaps being too esoteric for local taste, have been discontinued, while others have been refreshed and continue to be relatively popular as a mainstream diaper brand.

However, as mentioned above, most of the Goo.N diapers sold in Singapore nowadays are retailing online, rather than in physical stores.

Let’s have a more in-depth review of the main Goo.N diaper tape and pants series sold in our little red dot today!

Goo.N Diapers Japan Version

There’s a perception among many local folks, rightly or wrongly, that Japanese products meant for the local Japanese market are of superior quality as compared to their international counterparts. This would probably explain the popularity of the brand’s domestic Japan version diapers, for both tape and pants.

While its availability has been scaled down in Singapore, both tape and pants are still available for purchase in major online platforms in Singapore, such as Qoo10, Lazada, EAMart and Shopee (Of course, you can use Loviya to compare prices between these online platforms for your Goo.N diapers. More on this below!)

Goo.N Diapers Japan Version (Tape)

Key features of the tape diapers include:

  • The embossed design of the top sheet increases the surface area for better absorption of moisture, pee and whatever else away from your baby’s bottom. This also helps to prevent backflow to your baby’s bottom, and plays a big part in keeping the skin dry, clean and rash-free. What’s more, the 3D embossed top sheet is also designed to be gentle on sensitive skin.
  • The top sheet is also infused with Vitamin E. What’s that for, you may ask? Well, Vitamin E has been used as a skin nourishing agent, with moisturising and itch prevention properties. This just adds another layer of tender loving care for your baby’s skin. After all, inflamed skin with angry rashes, particularly down there, can truly be one of your worst parenting nightmares.
  • The all-too-familiar smell from your little one’s diapers is one of the first, if not the first, unpleasant signs that the diaper is due a change. For those pinching your noses every time, Goo.N has designed a deodorizing function into the diapers to mask the “heavenly” smell, one of the trademark features of their diapers in general. Which creates a secondary problem – you would need to know when to change the diaper through other means!

Other notable features include a wetness indicator (pretty much a given for many diaper brands today), breathable design, and 14 different animal design prints.

Goo.N Diapers Japan Version (Tape) is available in the following sizes:

  • Newborn (NB): up to 5kg, 90 or 98 pieces per pack
  • Small (S): 4 – 8kg, 84 or 90 pieces per pack
  • Medium (M): 6 – 11kg, 64 or 68 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 54 or 58 pieces per pack
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 20kg, 42 pieces per pack

Goo.N Diapers Japan Version (Pants)

The domestic Japan version pants share some similar features with its tape counterpart i.e. deodorizing function, breathability, wetness indicator, animal designs.

However, given the larger and more frequent “output” of older children, there are some bespoke features for the pants, as follow:

  • The absorbent core comes with enhanced absorptivity which are in line with industry standards, and is a big part of the pants’ suitability for overnight use. Moreover, it also has the anti-backflow function of its tape counterpart.
  • The elastic waistband strikes a fine balance between stretchability and fit, making diaper change easy for parents and also allowing for freedom of movement by an increasingly active child. This stretchability-fit balance extends to the thigh cuffs as well.
  • A simple yet very handy feature is the adhesive roll-up tape, which allows you to roll up and fasten the pants that much more easily. We are sure a clean, fuss-free and quick disposal is what all parents want, rather than wet poo dripping out or hard stools falling off as we are tossing the pants into the rubbish chute or bin.
  • Like many other major diaper brands, Goo.N Japan version pants also account for the gender anatomical differences of older children, with the pants of larger sizes catering separately for girls and boys. For girls, the absorbent core is positioned at the centre, while it is at the front for boys.

Goo.N Diapers Japan Version (Pants) is available in the following sizes:

  • Small (S): 4 – 8kg, 62 pieces per pack (Goo.N is actually one of very few diaper brands that provide pants in S size. This comes in very handy especially if your baby is larger sized and ready to transit to pants earlier.)
  • Medium (M): 6 – 11kg, 58 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 44 or 50 pieces per pack (girls & boys)
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 20kg, 38 or 44 pieces per pack (girls & boys)
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 13 – 25kg, 28 pieces per pack (girls & boys)

Goo.N Premium Diapers

The previous version of Goo.N Premium Diapers has been phased out, replaced with a new, brighter packaging design with the distinctive rainbow motif but still retaining the same old reliable diaper features.

What are these old reliable features? Let’s take a look below:

  • The 3D embossed inner top sheet, made of microfibre, not only enhances the absorptivity of the diapers, it also does not chafe your baby’s skin.
  • The leg guards with a so-called “2 Steps Block” design serves as an effective barrier against side leakages, without hindering your baby’s movement.
  • It is not a given that tape diapers will last through the night; many do not. With Goo.N Premium Diapers, however, it has been tested to hold up to 6 cups of water, which is good enough for overnight use.

One not so old and reliable feature, but cutesy nonetheless, is the “Leo-kun” lion character prints on the diaper, in a variety of roles and poses, such as Santa Claus and an astronaut.   

Goo.N Premium Diapers is available in the following sizes:

  • Newborn (NB): up to 5kg, 70 pieces per pack
  • Small (S): 4 – 8kg, 64 pieces per pack
  • Medium (M): 7 – 12kg, 60 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 50 pieces per pack
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 20kg, 46 pieces per pack

Goo.N Premium Pants

Goo.N Premium Pants share similar features with the aforementioned domestic Japan version pants, in terms of liquid absorptive and retention capacity, comfort, breathability and ease of disposal. It is also suitable for overnight use of up to 12 hours.

These pants are available in the following sizes. Note though, that unlike the domestic Japan version pants, the Premium pants series does not differentiate between boys and girls.

  • Small (S): 4 – 8kg, 62 pieces per pack (again, they have retained the S size for pants)
  • Medium (M): 7 – 12kg, 56 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 46 pieces per pack
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 17kg, 42 pieces per pack
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 15 – 25kg, 36 pieces per pack
  • Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL): 18 – 30kg, 26 pieces per pack

Goo.N Friend Pants

It’s not easy to find this series in Singapore, but if you can, it’s probably worth it, if only just for the nostalgic value. For those of us of a certain age, the Doraemon prints on the pants certainly bring back fond memories of our childhood, though the character is still immensely popular now.

Aside from the nostalgic prints, how does this series stack up against other Goo.N pants? Key characteristics of Friends diaper pants are as follow:

  • The absorbent core consists of a “Magical Gel” technology which can absorb and hold up to 4 cups of water. Not as much as the other Goo.N pants, but still decent enough.
  • The outer sheet and waistband are made of soft cotton material, with a level of stretchability that does not compromise on comfort fit for your child, and which also does not leave pressure marks around the waist.
  • The outer sheet is also sufficiently thin and semi-transparent to allow better breathability.
  • Similarly to other Goo.N diapers, the inner sheet is also infused with Vitamin E for enhanced moisturising and rash prevention effects.

These adorable Friend pants are available in the following sizes:

  • Medium (M): 6 – 12kg, 54 or 58 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 46 or 48 pieces per pack
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 17kg, 40 or 42 pieces per pack
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 15 – 25kg, 34 pieces per pack


Does Goo.N diapers have an expiry date?

Goo.N diapers do not have any expiry date. The materials that go into these diapers are neither chemically nor microbiologically active, and they do not decay or deteriorate with time. Note, however, that if your stored diapers are exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or excessive dust, the absorbent core may lose some of its absorptive capacity. In such cases, while the diaper remains safe for use, its efficacy may be affected.

Save on your Goo.N diaper tapes & pants with Loviya

Despite reduced market visibility in recent years in Singapore, Goo.N has sought to maintain its presence here, refreshing its product ranges. They do not exactly come cheap, with the perceived superior quality of Japanese brands and cutesy design prints.

If Goo.N is your choice, you can cut down on the costs by comparing prices with Loviya. By comparing prices per pack and purchase quantities from different merchants and sellers before buying, you can easily save a few dollars every time and get the relatively cheap prices for your Goo.N diapers. As many parents can testify, you can save serious money just by comparing prices month on month, especially for huge essential expenses such as diapers.

Or if you are just wondering where to buy Goo.N diapers in Singapore given the limited availability, check out the range of top online merchants in Loviya such as Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee and EAMart.

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