Genki Diapers

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Prices of Genki diapers

The average prices for Genki diapers in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):

  • Premium Soft Tape, NB, 44pcs: S$10.5
  • Premium Soft Tape, S, 72pcs: S$17.75
  • Premium Soft Tape, M, 64pcs: S$17.75
  • Premium Soft Tape, L, 54pcs: S$17.75
  • Premium Soft Tape, XL, 44pcs: S$17.75
  • Premium Soft Pants, M, 32pcs: S$9.25
  • Premium Soft Pants, L, 30pcs: S$9.25
  • Premium Soft Pants, XL, 26pcs: S$8.48
  • Premium Soft Pants, XXL, 18pcs: S$9.25
  • Genki Tape, S, 82pcs: S$13.66
  • Genki Tape, S, 87pcs: S$13.66
  • Genki Tape, M, 75pcs: S$13.66
  • Genki Tape, L, 62pcs: S$13.66
  • Genki Tape, XL, 48pcs: S$13.66
  • Genki Pants, M, 60pcs: S$13.17
  • Genki Pants, L, 50pcs: S$13.66
  • Genki Pants, XL, 44pcs: S$13.66
  • Genki Pants, XXL, 36pcs: S$13.66

Nobody wants their baby to end up with diapers that make them irritable and uncomfortable. As babies can't convey their feelings verbally, it is the parents' job to figure out their little one's requirements and ensure their needs are met. Choosing brands that possess expertise through conducting solid research to provide excellent quality diapers can be the first step towards achieving that.

This is where Genki’s diapers for newborns and older children come in. The diaper company’s main goal is to keep your baby’s bottoms – and consequently, your baby – as comfy and cozy as possible.

This in-depth Genki diapers review will cover the 4 main series that the pamper brand provides and help you choose which one fits right with your baby’s needs. 

Origin of Genki baby diapers

The baby diapers brand Genki finds its origins in Japan. The word “Genki” symbolizes health and energy – a representation of the curiosity and enthusiasm that newborn babies possess. Genki diapers are made in Oji Nepia’s factories, which is the largest paper product company in Japan for almost 140 years.

Unlike many other diaper manufacturers that usually carry a line of other hygiene products, such as sanitary pads and disposable panties, Genki specializes in producing only baby diapers of different sizes and feel.

Genki pampers has been a leading baby diaper brand in Japan for decades and is also a popular choice amongst parents in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore due to the premium quality nappies it provides for their little ones.

Genki diapers series - features and characteristics

The Nepia Genki diaper brand has introduced 4 different diaper tape and diaper pants series, each designed to provide a specific experience, based on the customer’s needs and wants.

There are some primary differences between the features in the standard Genki tape and pants series and the premium Genki soft tape and pants series.

Below is a review of all that you can get with each series.

Genki Premium Soft Tape series

The Genki Premium Soft nappies line is designed to be gentle on your baby’s skin with comfy-soft waistbands that hug your little one’s tummy securely.

It also includes double-slit absorption technology to absorb and diffuse moisture faster to keep the baby dry and comfortable even after multiple wettings. The softer material is also great at preventing leaks due to the greater stretchability.

The snug-fitting rear gathers of the Genki Soft Tape for sizes M and above prevent heavy back leaks from occurring behind the baby.

The diapers also come with a wetness indicator that changes from yellow to blue indicating that it’s time for a change.

To further minimize any irritation on your newborn’s skin, Genki tape diapers from the premium soft series use zero artificial fragrances and are made with 100% cotton-like material, perfect for babies with sensitive skin.

Genki Premium Soft Tape series is available in the following sizes:

  • Newborn (NB): Up to 4kg, 44 pieces per pack
  • Small (S): 3kg - 6kg, 72 pieces per pack
  • Medium (M): 5kg - 10kg, 64 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9kg - 14kg, 54 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12kg - 17 kg, 44 pieces per pack

Genki Premium Soft Pants series

The Genki Soft Pants line is the brand’s premium pants series. This series is designed for older babies, providing wide waist contours and breathable diapers so that your toddler or older child can move and play with ease.

This pants series boasts triple ventilation technology that enables moisture to escape effectively. This helps in keeping the sweat-prone tummy area dry and comfortable. It also utilizes a unique 3-D technology of a textured inner material to make for an ultra-absorbent core, providing super absorbency of up to 12 hours.

Made with ultra-soft and smooth material, these diaper pants are developed to provide an airy cushion feel around the baby’s bottom and tummy.

The super snug fit allows for better protection against leakages as it prevents gaps from being formed even while the baby is involved in rigorous activity.

Similar to the Genki Soft Tape series, this one comes with a wetness indicator as well, making the parents’ job easier.

Genki Premium Soft Pants series is available in the following sizes:

  • Medium (M): 5kg – 10kg, 32 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9kg – 14kg, 30 pieces per pack
  • XL: 14kg – 17kg, 26 pieces per pack
  • XXL: 13kg – 25kg, 18 pieces per pack

Both the Genki Premium Soft Tape and Pants series offer different sizes that cater to the different needs of a baby as he or she grows up and learns to sit, crawl, walk, and play.

Nepia Genki Tape series

The Nepia Genki tape series is the budget-friendly standard option that provides parents bang for their buck.

These nappies come with an ultra-absorbing core to keep your baby dry for hours. Your child’s skin stays fresh due to ample ventilation resulting from a cushiony, breathable material accompanied by a soft and stretchable waistband, keeping him/her feeling comfy and snuggly.

The soft cottony material also means no chafing of a newborn’s delicate skin, helping to prevent diaper rash and resulting in a happier baby.

The soft and gentle material of the Genki tape diapers also reduces rubbing between the diaper and the umbilical cord stub which translates to better navel care for your baby. This helps reduce the chances of the area getting infected or inflamed.

Genki’s tape diapers come in similar sizes as the Premium Soft Tape series, with different sizes made for comfortable transitioning between the baby’s growing stages. 

The Nepia Genki Tape series is available in the following sizes. These standard sizes are also sometimes called mega packs.

  • Small (S): up to 7kg, 82 pieces per pack. Also available in jumbo packs of 87 pieces
  • Medium (M): 7kg – 10kg, 75 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9kg – 14kg, 62 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12kg – 17kg, 48 pieces per pack

Nepia Genki Pants series

Nepia Genki's diaper pants line is perfect for the growing needs of babies. They are easier to put on and provide a better fit for babies and their varying movements when they start standing, crawling, and walking.

The material hugs comfortably around the baby’s stomach with its comfy-soft waistbands that are made with a stretchable material.

Similar to the tape series, the Genki pants series is made with 100% cotton-like material that is super gentle on the skin. With the added benefit of zero harsh fragrances, these diapers can serve to be the perfect choice for mommies with sensitive-skin babies.

Ample airy ventilation is possible with a breathable material to help keep the baby dry.

With superior absorbency, this series is also ideal for overnight usage.

As with many other diaper pants brands, blue guiding lines are also stencilled onto the front part of the waistband, to distinguish the front side of the diaper vs the back side.

The Nepia Genki Pants series is available in the following sizes. These standard sizes are also sometimes called mega packs.

  • Medium (M): 7kg – 10kg, 60 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9kg – 14kg, 50 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12kg – 17kg, 44 pieces per pack
  • XXL: 13kg – 25kg, 36 pieces per pack

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