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Prices of Enfagrow, Enfamil & Enfamama formula milk

The average prices for Enfagrow, Enfamil and Enfamama milk powder in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):


  • Stage 1, 900g: S$63.95
  • Stage 1, 1.8kg: S$115
  • Stage 2, 900g: S$59.95
  • Stage 2, 1.8kg: S$105


  • Stage 3, 900g: S$39.6
  • Stage 3, 1.8kg: S$75
  • Stage 4, 900g: S$34.6
  • Stage 4, 1.8kg: S$65.5
  • Stage 5, 900g: S$34.9
  • Stage 5, 1.8kg: S$63

Enfagrow & Enfamil Gentlelease

  • Stage 2, 900g: S$63.3
  • Stage 3, 900g: S$49.7


  • Vanilla, 900g: S$27.9
  • Chocolate, 900g: S$27.9


Enfagrow is a name that many parents in Singapore are familiar with. What is lesser known, however, is that it is part of the only multinational company in the world dedicated to paediatric nutrition.

Mead Johnson Nutrition was founded in 1905 by one of the co-founders of Johnson & Johnson. This singular focus on paediatric feeding started from the very beginning, and its first breakthrough product, Dextri-Maltose, became the first doctor-recommended infant feeding product in USA.

Over the years, its research efforts have spawned a variety of products for children across the age spectrum with different dietary and feeding needs. From standard formula milks to milk modifiers and anti-allergy supplementary drinks, Mead Johnson’s product range is now a mainstay in over 50 paediatric nutrition markets.

Introduced in 1959, Enfagrow is part of the company’s offering here in Singapore that also includes Enfamil and Enfamama. Despite the entry of upstart formula milk brands in recent years, the “Enfa” family of milk products is still viewed by many as a traditional yet reliable and nutritious brand trusted by generations of parents.

What has the brand done right to achieve this longstanding seal of approval from parents? Let’s have a detailed review of the Enfagrow and Enfamil range of baby milk below!

Enfagrow Pro A+

The Enfagrow Pro A+ series has undergone a revamp and as the packaging proudly proclaims, the new version now boasts 2 new ingredients, Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) and 2′-Fucosyllactose (2’FL). These represent the brand’s latest efforts to further replicate the nutrition of natural human milk, particularly in terms of cognitive and immunological development.

So what exactly are these new additions with rather convoluted names, and how do they benefit your little one?

Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM)

In simple terms, MFGM is the lining around the fat droplets found in natural breastmilk, and is made of lipids and proteins. These lipids and proteins, called bioactive compounds, play an important role in facilitating neurotransmission in the brain, which helps not only cognitively but also in emotional regulation. This is not dissimilar to the benefits of DHA, and is supported by clinical studies of MFGM-fed vs non-MFGM-fed babies.

Aside from the mental aspect, MFGM is also associated with other physiological benefits such as better immunity, gut and oral health, as well as cardiovascular health later on in adulthood.

2′-Fucosyllactose (2’FL)

2’FL is gaining popularity in the baby formula industry, and Enfagrow can be considered playing catch-up in terms of incorporating this ingredient in its formulation. It is best known for strengthening your child’s natural defences and gastrointestinal health, and is also an active compound found in breastmilk.

Being the most abundant oligosaccharide in human milk, it functions as feed for the good bacteria in the gut, helping them to rapidly multiply and colonize the gastrointestinal system. This contributes to a stronger and more resilient gut, and, given that the stomach and intestines account for 70% of one’s immunity, to better body defences as well. This is borne out by studies showing that infants fed with 2’FL experienced fewer immunity-related ailments such as diarrhoea, food allergies and respiratory infections.

Enfagrow Pro A+ milk powder also features the usual suspects in its ingredient lists, including DHA, linoleic acid, as well as the key vitamins and minerals.

Products sold under the Enfagrow Pro A+ brand cater to older children from 1 year old, and are sold in Singapore in the following stages and sizes with regular promotions. Note that some sellers may use Enfamil and Enfagrow interchangeably. 

  • Stage 3: for 1 to 3 years old. Available in 900g and 1.8kg.
  • Stage 4: for 4 to 6 years old. Available in 900g and 1.8kg.
  • Stage 5: above 6 years old. Available in 900g and 1.8kg.

NB: The calorie levels of the respective stages are as follow:

  • Stage 3: 430kcal per 100g powder
  • Stage 4: 420kcal per 100g powder
  • Stage 5: 420kcal per 100g powder

Enfamil Pro A+

Enfamil Pro A+ is a standalone formula series tailored for newborns and infants below 1 year old in Singapore. For the refreshed version, MFGM is present in a lower concentration, with a key focus of the ingredient mix instead being on improved digestibility and bowel movement for younger kids. This explains the inclusion of 2 components not found in the Enfagrow series: Polydextrose (PDX) and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS).

Again, the principle works in the same way: PDX and GOS serve as food for the good bacteria in the gut, or gut flora, fostering their growth throughout the intestines. With the slow fermentation cycle of PDX, this effect is especially pronounced in the large intestine, thereby helping to move the stool along and reduce constipation. This would help to make Enfamil more palatable for both baby and parents, with the relatively high incidence of constipation among infants up to 12 months old, especially formula-fed ones.

The rest of the main ingredients of Enfamil are no different from those in Enfagrow, such as 2’FL, DHA, vitamins and minerals.

Enfamil Pro A+ is retailing in Singapore in the following stages and sizes. Note that some sellers may use Enfamil and Enfagrow interchangeably.  

  • Stage 1: for newborns and infants from 0 to 12 months old. Sold in 900g and 1.8kg.
  • Stage 2: above 6 months old. Sold in 900g and 1.8kg.

Enfagrow & Enfamil Gentlelease

A fair proportion of a population will have problems digesting lactose properly, including children, with a 25% incidence for the inherited version. Lactose intolerance, while mostly benign, can manifest in rather distressing or uncomfortable ways such as constipation, gassiness and diarrhoea. With the all-consuming, demanding nature of parenting, this is definitely something parents of young children can do without.

Mead Johnson, like the makers of other major formula milk brand such as Similac, recognizes this, and a lactose-free version, Gentlelease, is now an integral part of its Enfagrow and Enfamil family in Singapore. Like many of its lactose-free counterparts, the solution behind Gentlelease is simple: remove the cow’s milk with its offending lactose, and replace it with an alternative protein source. For the latter, it is also no closely-guarded industry secret; whey protein is used, partially hydrolyzed or broken down to further aid digestion and absorption.

For the uninitiated, whey, together with casein from which it is separable, is a principal protein in cow’s milk. In a sense, in terms of cellular synthesis and development, whey can be considered a sufficient nutritional source by itself. It is seen as a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids, including an abundance of leucine, the most anabolic of them. Nature backs this up too; human breastmilk is 60% whey protein, compared to only 20% in cow’s milk.

If your child has lactose intolerance, Enfagrow and Enfamil Gentlelease represent an appropriate choice without compromising on cognitive, immunological and physical development. They are sold in Singapore in the following stages and sizes:

  • Enfamil Gentlelease Stage 1: for 0 to 12 months old. Sold in 900g.
  • Enfamil Gentlelease Stage 2: above 6 months old. Sold in 900g.
  • Enfagrow Gentlelease Stage 3: above 1 year old. Sold in 900g.

Enfamama Maternal & Lactating Formula

Enfamama is Mead Johnson’s formula for expecting and breastfeeding mums, and contains the expected ingredients for this stage. Its nutritional content has been further optimized to help promote a healthy pregnancy and foetal development. Compared to the previous iteration, the current Enfamama now has:

  • 52% higher DHA and 24% higher choline. Other than being widely known for cognitive benefits, these are also vital for bodily functions such as DNA synthesis, metabolism and cell production.
  • 80% less fat. This recognizes the weight management issues many women face during the pregnancy and postpartum period.

Through the following nutrients, Enfamama also helps provide for the increased nutritional needs of mummy and those of baby in other areas such as the physical, neurological and digestive:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Folic acid
  • Inulin

Note though, that as with all maternity milks, Enfamama may not be suitable for every mummy. Possible, but relatively rare, side effects and allergic reactions include abdominal cramps, bloating, constipation and skin rash. It is also not lactose and sugar free, hence lactose intolerant mummies or those suffering from gestational diabetes may need to seek alternative options or medical advice before consuming.

Enfamama Maternal and Lactating Formula is available in 900g in Singapore, and you can choose from the vanilla or chocolate flavour.


Can Enfagrow be mixed with fresh milk?

  • There is generally no harm in adding Enfagrow milk powder to fresh milk. However, as with all milk formulae, the milk solids in Enfagrow may overthicken the milk, and this may make it harder for your child to drink.

What are the preparation and serving suggestions for Enfagrow, Enfamil and Enfamama?

  • Enfamil Stage 1: Newborns: 3 level scoops per 90ml (3oz.) of water, 8 times a day. 6 to 12 months old: 6 level scoops per 180ml (6oz.) of water, 3 times a day.
  • Enfamil Stage 2: 6 level scoops per 180ml (6oz.) of water. 3 times a day.
  • Enfagrow stages 3, 4 and 5: 3 level scoops per 150ml (5oz.) of water. 3 times a day.
  • Enfamama: 6 level scoops per 200ml (6.7oz.) of water. 1 to 2 times a day.

How long can Enfagrow and Enfamil stay out?

  • For prepared but unrefrigerated and unfed formula, do not use after 2 hours. Once feeding has commenced, do not refrigerate and use within 1 hour or discard.

Are Enfagrow and Enfamil halal?

  • Both Enfagrow and Enfamil are certified halal.

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