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Prices of Drypers diapers

The average prices per pack for Drypers tape and pants in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):

Wee Wee Dry

  • NB24: S$4.49
  • S82: S$11.97
  • M74: S$11.97
  • L62: S$11.97
  • XL50: S$11.97
  • XXL40: S$11.97


  • NB80: S$14.19
  • S70: S$13.23
  • M64: S$13.23
  • L54: S$13.98
  • XL46: S$13.98
  • XXL36: S$13.98


  • NB66: S$17.75
  • S58: S$17.75
  • M44: S$16.86
  • L38: S$16.86
  • XL32: S$16.86


  • M44: S$9.63
  • M60: S$12.83
  • L36: S$9.63
  • L48: S$12.83
  • XL32: S$9.63
  • XL42: S$12.83
  • XXL28: S$9.63
  • XXL36: S$12.83

Origin of Drypers

The Drypers diapers sold in Singapore are made by our neighbours across the Causeway, by a company called Vinda Malaysia.

As with many diaper manufacturers, the company also specializes in other intimate hygiene products, such as adult diapers, sanitary pads and disposable panties.

The Drypers brand also carries other baby care products such as shampoo and head to toe baby wash e.g. with relatively exotic flavours such as avocado, but its signature product line is undoubtedly its diaper range.

Besides being one of the leading diaper brands in Malaysia for more than 16 years, Drypers is also a top-selling diaper brand here in Singapore, with its combination of low cost and quality features proving irresistible for parents.

Different diaper series

Over the years, the brand has introduced different diaper tape and pants series in Singapore, to cater to different preferences for diaper quality as well as price threshold.

As such, you would see some distinct differences, in terms of marketing and packaging, between the “standard” series and the more upmarket, “premium” series.

Let’s have a more detailed review for each of these series!

Wee Wee Dry

Wee Wee Dry is the most budget-friendly Drypers tape series out there.

For example, based on the lowest prices in Loviya, its Medium size costs S$0.16 per piece on average, compared to S$0.20 for Touch series and S$0.36 for Skinature series.

But don’t let the price fool you. After several iterations of improvement, Wee Wee Dry is still a reliable guardian of your child’s pee and poo, while still keeping him or her snuggly and comfy.

The top inner layer, called SpeedDRY, efficiently absorbs and distributes pee, with the inner core, called ThinDRY, holding the urine. Your baby’s bum bum stays dry (well not totally 100% bone dry. Because all diapers, no matter how good the absorptivity is, will still leave some residual wetness on the baby’s bum)

There are also elastic leak guards that help to prevent or reduce leakage around the thigh area. Don’t underestimate these modest-looking flaps; they could be the difference between how much cleaning up you need to do.

The simplest, yet most innovative, feature of Wee Wee Dry, though, is probably how its elastic adhesive tape (Flexi-Tape) is paired with the Tummy Fit Guide.

The Tummy Fit Guide is essentially a series of 3 coloured zones (“Best Fit”, “Good Fit”, “Next Size”) telling parents where best to fasten the adhesive tape on your baby. “Best Fit” means the tightness is just right around your baby’s waist, while “Next Size” means your baby is fast outgrowing the current size, and it’s time to upsize.

Again, a really simple but important feature. Because we have seen cases where the parent/caregiver/nurse either fastens the elastic tape too loosely (cue exploding, leaking, dripping poo or pee) or too tightly (almost like squashing the baby’s tiny tummy).

Wee Wee Dry is available in the following sizes (including mega packs):

  • Newborn (NB): 0 – 5kg, 24 pieces per pack
  • Small (S): 3 – 7kg, 82 pieces per pack
  • Medium (M): 6 – 11kg, 74 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 62 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12 – 17kg, 50 pieces per pack
  • XXL: above 15kg, 40 pieces per pack


Drypers Touch is the first “premium” version introduced here.

The main differences with Wee Wee Dry are two-fold: the extra soft material and the navel care design.

The extra soft cottony material comes with better breathability all round, which means better circulation for air and moisture, together with the fact that the softer texture does not chafe at your baby’s skin.

Which means your baby’s skin stays drier and less irritated.

Which means………NO OR LESS DIAPER RASH!!

For many parents, this feature alone is worth paying extra. After all, while diaper rash cream is not cheap too, the mental cost from your baby’s incessant crying is another thing altogether.

Speaking of helping a baby in distress, the navel care design also comes in very handy. It is basically a notch in the middle of the front upper diaper edge which helps to reduce rubbing between the diaper and the umbilical cord stub. This is applicable mostly for newborn or younger infants, and certainly helps to reduce the chances of the umbilical cord stub getting inflamed or infected.

There are other notable features too, such as the absorption core that can last up to 12 hours.

As well as the tummy fit guide design, which is similar to Wee Wee Dry.

You can buy Touch in the following sizes:

  • Newborn (NB): 0 – 5kg, 80 pieces per pack
  • Small (S): 3 – 7kg, 70 pieces per pack
  • Medium (M): 6 – 11kg, 64 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 54 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12 – 17kg, 46 pieces per pack
  • XXL: above 15kg, 36 pieces per pack


Skinature is the brand’s latest “premium” series. It leverages even softer material and hypoallergenic design to create the main selling point of a diaper that’s ultra-gentle and safe for your child.

Its signature Derma-Care Technology combines super soft material with proprietary special care technology to make Skinature suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

A special highlight is that it’s free from EU26 Allergens, which refer to the 26 most common allergenic substances in Europe. These allergens are used in many consumer products such as perfumes, and you certainly would not want your baby’s skin to be in close contact with these.

Furthermore, this series is also free from chlorine and fragrances, making it probably the “purest” diaper in the Drypers family.

Not only do you need not worry about whether the texture is too rough for your baby’s skin, but also about whether there are any invisible substances that could have an insidious effect on your baby’s health.

It’s a bit pricey though, as compared to the other tape diapers from Drypers. But if you think it’s worth it, here are the sizes you could get:

  • Newborn (NB): 0 – 5kg, 66 pieces per pack
  • Small (S): 4 – 8kg, 58 pieces per pack
  • Medium (M): 6 – 11kg, 44 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 38 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12 – 20kg, 32 pieces per pack  


The word “Drypantz” has almost become synonymous with the brand itself, such is its popularity.

Unlike its tape counterparts, Drypantz is the only pants series from Drypers in Singapore, and it has undergone design improvements along the way.

It comes with not one, not two, but six absorption layers, called 6 AbsorbDryLayers, to absorb, distribute and lock in your baby’s pee, keeping it as far from your baby’s skin as possible.

Each layer also incorporates chemistry best practices, with a pH balancing property to neutralize the slight acidity of your baby’s urine. This way, the skin is less likely to be irritated.

Another noteworthy feature of Drypantz is how the different sizes not only get bigger proportionally, but are also fit-tailored for children at different growth phases, based on their movement tendencies and body contours.

The M-sized CrawlFIT is specially designed for babies who are learning to crawl. For more active toddlers and older children, the MoveFIT (sizes L to XXL) boasts wider waist contours and double leak guards which can adjust to your child’s motions.

Naturally, the best design practices from the tape series are also incorporated into Drypantz. The outer cover facilitates circulation and release of air and moisture through micro-pores, and, as the brand describes, is “100% breathable”.

As with Skinature, it also goes big on added safety for your child, using eco-friendly ink for the prints and excluding harmful substances such as heavy metals and BPA from the manufacturing process.

Plus, it also comes with a wetness indicator that changes from yellow to green!

Many parents transit from tape to pants as their children get older and more active. Pants are also generally more suitable for overnight use, due to the larger absorption capacity and better leakage protection.

If Drypantz is your choice, you can buy the following sizes in Singapore (both older and newer size versions):

  • Medium (M): 6 – 12kg, 44 or 60 pieces per pack
  • Large (L): 9 – 14kg, 36 or 48 pieces per pack
  • XL: 12 – 17kg, 32 or 42 pieces per pack
  • XXL: 15 – 25kg, 28 or 36 pieces per pack

How to wear Drypers tape diapers

Drypers even has detailed instructions on how to wear its tape diapers. This will help save you the hassle of trial and error (many think wearing diapers for baby is pretty straightforward, but it actually takes some practice to get the correct fit and tightness) and make your parenting journey as stress-free as possible.

  1. Centralize and place the front and back edges of the diaper along the same longitudinal axis as your baby’s navel. The front edge of the diaper should not be higher or lower than the navel by more than 2cm.
  2. Fasten the elastic tape band. Run 2 fingers around your baby’s waist to make sure it’s not too tight or loose. You can use the tummy fit guide as well if it’s available.
  3. Run 1 finger around each of your baby’s thigh area to pull out the leak guard flaps. This is something that tends to be forgotten, with many parents too fixated on just adjusting around the waist area.

The last bit, which is not actually provided in the instructions above, is that you should also observe if the diaper is hindering your baby’s movement in any way, or whether it will go out of place easily with your baby’s movement. And then adjust accordingly.

Compare prices for Drypers in Loviya & save!

Despite the relatively cheap prices, Drypers has proven itself to be a reliable and innovative partner for many parents.

But do you know that you can save even more? Many parents compare prices between different online shops and sellers, hoping to get the best deals.

However, comparing prices is itself a very time-consuming and frustrating process. You look up the prices, promotions and discounts from a specific store or seller, mentally note or jot it down, then move on to the next store or seller and repeat the process. And then again and again.

Is that all? No, you still need to calculate the price per pack, and sometimes even down to the price per piece.

Imagine doing this every month or every other week. You will certainly feel your head getting bigger (and maybe hair getting less).

That’s where Loviya comes in. You can compare prices per pack and purchase quantities for your diapers, between popular online merchants and marketplaces in Singapore such as NTUC Fairprice, Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Qoo10, Watsons, Guardian, EAMart, Mummys Market and more.

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