Charnins Diapers

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Prices of Charnins diapers

The average prices for Charnins diapers in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya)


  • S116: S$15.5
  • M96: S$15.5
  • L84: S$15.5
  • XL72: S$15.5.
  • XXL68: S$19.9


  • M92: S$15.5
  • L80: S$15.5
  • XL76: S$15.5
  • XXL70: S$16.3
  • XXXL66: S$16.3

Origin of Charnins diapers

Relatively very little is known about the baby diaper brand Charnins from China. What caught our eye, though, was the packaging quantity per pack, with the quantity more akin to the conventional CARTON sizes of other diaper brands than your usual pack sizes.

Nevertheless, it has quickly garnered a following in Singapore, with its diaper tape and pants being among the cheapest in the market. While there is a long-held perception that many cheap Chinese consumer brands are knock-offs in terms of quality and reliability, that perception is slowly changing, with China leveraging on its vast economies of scale to produce market-worthy products at still very competitive costs. And products such as Charnins diapers, providing excellent value for money in a saturated, competitive market, certainly do no harm to the reputation of Chinese brands.

Let’s do a deeper review on how exactly Charnins diapers provide such value for money for parents.


For such cheap diapers, the ability to last through the night is really a huge boon. There’s a branding video of a guy demonstrating how a piece of Charnins tape could absorb 500ml of water without any leakage. Yes, absorbency of 500ml can easily last you about 10 hours, which is pretty comfortable for overnight use. The dual suction core system plays a big part here, with the textured layer helping to lock in and redistribute liquid.

Diaper thickness

Many cheap diapers, the truly knock-off ones, have decent absorbency but pad thickness which would not seem out of place in the 1940s, when diapers were first invented. Charnins has obviously moved with the times, though, because its diaper thickness, even in the centre with the absorbent pad, is a mere 2mm. Which, as it proudly proclaims, is thinner than some of the latest iPhone models.  

This is important because a thin diaper is less restrictive on your baby’s movement and promotes better air flow, thereby reducing stuffiness and the chances of diaper rash.

Texture & material

What’s the use of an absorbent and thin diaper if it feels like sandpaper? Charnins does not divulge the actual ingredients used, other than the usual SAP material. But from numerous reviews by parents on sites such as Shopee, Qoo10 and ezbuy, we can safely say that the softness and the honeycombed wavy pattern of the absorbent pad are comparable with other popular diaper brands. The texture and material have been designed to reduce contact with your baby’s skin, and minimize chafing and irritation.


The thinness of the diapers is complemented by nano-sized openings in the back sheet, the so called “air through surface”, in improving air circulation through the diapers.

Anti-leakage design

The double-cuff design at the back of the diapers provides extra protection against leakages. This may seem sub-standard beside those diapers with triple cuffs, but as long as you adjust and fasten the diapers correctly, together with the variety of sizes available, wet poo should not be gushing out at the first instance.

Apart from the above, other features are pretty standard as well, such as the stretchable waist band and wetness indicator (turns blue when diaper is due for a change).

Charnins diapers are made in China. For expiry date, the diapers are best used within 3 years from the manufacturing date.

Its tagline of “The Most Trusted Brand by Mums” may be a tad hyperbolical, but Charnins diaper tape and pants are definitely worth a try, whether you are a new parent or looking to switch brands. Because if it’s suitable for your child, you can save a ton of your hard-earned money!

Charnins diaper tape and pants are sold in the following sizes (yes the packages are in terms of boxes rather than packs, that’s how big they are).


  • Small (S): up to 5 kg. Sold in boxes of 116
  • Medium (M): 5 – 9 kg. Sold in boxes of 96
  • Large (L): 8 – 13 kg. Sold in boxes of 84
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 – 16 kg. Sold in boxes of 72
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): above 15 kg. Sold in boxes of 68

Pull up pants

  • Medium (M): up to 6 kg. Sold in boxes of 92
  • Large (L): 5 – 10 kg. Sold in boxes of 80
  • Extra Large (XL): 8 – 14 kg. Sold in boxes of 76
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 12 - 16 kg. Sold in boxes of 70
  • Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL): above 16 kg. Sold in boxes of 66

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