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Prices of Bimbosan

The average prices for Bimbosan formula milk in 2022 in Singapore are as follow (based on lowest prices in Loviya):

  • Organic Infant Formula, Stage 1, 400g: S$31.9
  • Organic Follow-on Formula, Stage 2, 400g: S$31.9
  • Organic Growing-up Formula, Stage 3, 400g: S$20.7
  • Super Premium Infant Formula, Stage 1, 400g: S$26.6
  • Super Premium Follow-on Formula, Stage 2, 400g: S$23.6
  • Super Premium Growing-up Formula, Stage 3, 400g: S$$21.6


Bimbosan is a Swiss company founded in Bern in 1932, and it has since been producing reasonably priced baby foods for infants and growing children.

The company released its first baby formula milk named “Fiscosin” in 1932. After it, it launched more products, including baby milk and palm oil-free baby food in the twentieth century.

Seeing the growing demand for organic food items, Bimbosan released its organic follow-on milk in 2014 and the first organic growing-up milk in 2015. Furthermore, it started manufacturing classic follow-on milk in 2015 and palm oil-free organic milk in 2016.

In the next section, we will review the Organic and Super Premium formula milk series by Bimbosan.

Organic 1 – From Day 1

Organic milk is considered a safer formula milk option compared to non-organic milk because it is free of pesticides and other chemicals. Bimbosan has launched a series of Organic Formula Milk, and Organic 1 is the first part/stage of that series.

Organic 1 is for babies younger than 6 months. It is palm oil-free which ensures that babies have good absorption of calcium and fats. Bimbosan suggests mothers not to use it as a breast milk substitute. However, you can give it to infants who are being breastfed and those who are not being breastfed.

Bimbosan claims that the quality and nutritional content of its Organic Formula Milk match that of colostrum. It means it contains immunity-boosting compounds and other nutrients that support and fuel a growing infant’s body, like colostrum.

Ingredients & Nutritional Content

It contains the following key ingredients.

  • Protein: The right ratio of casein and whey proteins according to the age requirements of the infant.
  • Lactose: To fulfil energy demands and help the body absorb iron and calcium, which are required for blood production and bone growth, respectively.
  • Micronutrients: Such as inositol, choline and L-carnitine to encourage optimal body growth.
  • Omega 3 & 6: A great combination of fatty acids that help with brain and eye development.
  • Minerals: Including sodium chloride, calcium citrate, calcium chloride, potassium hydroxide and many more.
  • Vitamins: Such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, and E which are involved in various functions in the body.
  • Antioxidants: Important for the immune system.
  • Galactooligosaccharides (GOS): Acts as a food for good intestinal bacteria and supports gut health in babies.
  • Skimmed milk and vegetable oils.

Available Weights & Suitable Age Range

A can or refill bag contains 400 g of formula milk. You can keep feeding it to your baby from day 1 until she or he turns 6 months old. 


The recommended dosage for 1 baby bottle is described below according to the age and weight of the infant.

  • 1 to 3 weeks old infants: 1 measuring spoon (6.1 g) in 40 ml water.
  • 3 kg weight: 2 measuring spoons (6.1 g) in 90 ml water.
  • 3 to 4 kg weight: 3 measuring spoons (6.1 g) in 130 ml water.
  • 4 to 7 kg weight: 4 measuring spoons (6.1 g) in 170 ml water.
  • More than 7 kg weight: 5 measuring spoons (6.1 g) in 210 ml water.

The measuring scoop comes with a cardboard can. If your packaging does not have it, you can request it from their official page for free.

Benefits of Drinking It

Bimbosan Organic 1 contains the right combination of nutrients required by a 1-day to 6-month-old infant to develop and grow. You will not have to worry about your baby’s eye and brain development because this formula milk has DHA to take care of the eyes and brain. The   ingredient GOS ensures that the formula milk gets digested and absorbed in your baby’s body.

Organic 2 – After 6 Months

This follow-on organic formula is specially designed for babies older than 6 months. As the name suggests, it is also a part of the Bimbosan Organic Formula Milk series.

Ingredients & Nutritional Content

Organic 2 has the same ingredients as Organic 1 formula milk. Since both are manufactured for babies of different age groups, the amount of each nutrient is higher in Organic 2 compared to Organic 1 formula milk.

You will not have to worry about whether your child is getting the right amount of nutrients or not. Simply replace the Infant Formula with the Follow-on Formula to ensure that your baby gets enough of each ingredient.

Available Weights & Suitable Age Range

According to the nutrient content of Organic 2, it is suitable for 7 to 12 months old babies. Like Organic 1 formula milk, Organic 2 also comes in a 400 g can and refill bags.

Environmental pollution is a great concern today. Bimbosan has done its part in preventing this problem by packing this product in a biodegradable and eco-friendly material (cardboard).


Below points inform about the right dosage of Organic 2 for 1 baby bottle, on the basis of baby weight.

  • Less than 4 kg weight: 3 measuring spoons of 6.5 g in 130 ml water.
  • 4 to 7 kg weight: 4 measuring spoons of 6.5 g in 170 ml water.
  • More than 7 kg weight: 5 measuring spoons of 6.5 g in 220 ml water.

Organic 3 – After 12 Months

The nutritional needs of babies change as they grow. Organic 3 is also a part of the Organic Formula Milk series, and it is designed for toddlers who are older than 12 months, according to their body’s changing needs.

Ingredients & Nutritional Content

Same as that of Organic 1.

Available Weights & Suitable Age Range

You can feed Organic 3 to your toddler from 12 months of age to help him or her with cognitive, social and emotional development. It comes in a 400 g can and refill bags.


The suitable quantity of Organic 3 milk in 1 baby bottle according to its size is: 

  • 3 measuring spoons of 7 g in 130 ml.
  • 4 measuring spoons of 7 g in 180 ml.
  • 5 measuring spoons of 7 g in 220 ml.

Super Premium 1 – From Day 1

Super Premium is another Bimbosan Formula Milk series consisting of three stages. Though it is not a breast milk substitute, it has all that a parent wants to give to their growing baby through diet.

Super Premium 1 is the first stage of this series. You can start feeding it to your infant from day 1 until he or she turns 6 months of age.

Ingredients & Nutritional Content

From DHA, GOS, and refined fish oil to minerals, vitamins, and whey protein, it contains all the ingredients that are present in Bimbosan Organic Formula Milk. Super Premium 2 and 3 also contain the same ingredients.

Available Weights & Suitable Age Range

The suitable age range for Super Premium 1 is 0 to 6 months. The available weight of Super Premium formula milk of all stages (1, 2, and 3) is 400 g. You can have it in a refill bag or cardboard can according to your needs. 


The dosage of Super Premium 1 is similar to the dosage of Organic 1 formula milk.

Benefits of Drinking It

The key benefit of Super Premium 1 is that it is palm oil-free which means it will not hinder the absorbance of fats and calcium in your baby’s digestive system. It contains all essential and supportive ingredients that a developing body of a 0 to 6 months old infant requires to increase in size optimally.

Super Premium 2 – After 6 Months

You can replace the Super Premium 1 with the Super Premium 2 when your baby crosses 6 months of age. It has all that is present in Super Premium 1. The key difference in their composition is that it has a high concentration of certain nutrients compared to the Super Premium 1.

Suitable Age Range

Super Premium 2 is manufactured for 7 to 12 months old babies. Its ingredients will satisfy your baby’s tummy and your mind as well.


While keeping in mind your baby’s weight, mix water and formula milk in the following amounts.

  • Less than 4 kg weight: 3 measuring spoons of around 6.3 g in 130 ml.
  • 4 to 7 kg weight: 4 measuring spoons of 6.3 g in 170 ml.
  • More than 7 kg weight: 5 measuring spoons of 6.3 g in 210 ml.

Super Premium 3 – After 12 Months

Super Premium 3 is the last stage of the Bimbosan Super Premium formula milk series. This growing-up formula milk is given to toddlers after they turn 1 year old. It keeps their tummies happy and their bodies satisfied with the right amount and combination of essential nutrients.

Suitable Age Range

Feed Super Premium 3 to your toddler after he or she turns 12 months old.


Its dosage is similar to the dosage of Organic 3 formula milk.


How to make Bimbosan formula milk?

Follow these simple, quick steps to prepare Bimbosan formula milk.

  1. Pour the indicated amount of water into a kettle and boil it.
  2. Let the water cool down because hot water can ruin the ingredients of the formula milk.
  3. Fill a baby bottle with the water and add the mentioned dose of formula milk powder.
  4. Shake the bottle well to mix the water and milk powder.
  5. If needed, allow the mixture to cool down further before feeding baby.

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