You have probably heard this many times, and experienced it yourself: raising a mini version of yourself is a joyful experience, but it can also be rather expensive, especially in Singapore. First come the big ticket items such as the cot, stroller and rocker, where first-time parents can easily spend at least $1700. Then come the regular, recurring expenses, where parents can spend between $260 – $500 per month, on just essentials such as milk powder, diapers and wet wipes.

Being parents to 2 young kids, it is something we are all too familiar with. So other than the 24/7 pastime of parenthood, we picked up a secondary hobby out of necessity – trawling through online platforms for the best prices for baby and kids essentials, as well as, pre-COVID, hanging out with fellow mummies and daddies at baby fairs. 

Except that this secondary hobby, while not exactly 24/7, also requires a fair amount of time and effort, constantly comparing prices between the different online platforms and baby fairs offering different promotions and discounts. 

So Loviya was started to make this secondary hobby easier – helping parents and parents-to-be to regularly find the best deals for their baby, kids and maternity items, by comparing prices between some of the most popular online marketplaces and merchants in Singapore. The savings can be huge: by comparing prices between different online merchants for the same brand of milk powder and diapers, a parent can save on average $5470 for the first 6 years of a child’s life.

Through Loviya, we hope to help parents and parents-to-be:

  • Easily monitor price changes and stay updated on the best deals via price alerts. Prices on Loviya are updated daily.
  • Make safe purchases based on not only low prices, but also reliability.
  • Make purchases easily. Links are provided directly to the product pages on the online merchants’ websites.

The price information on Loviya is objective and unbiased. While prices by the respective online marketplaces and merchants are already very competitive, comparing between them will help you save even more. Prices on Loviya can also serve as a reference/benchmark when you buy from any other online or physical stores.

So take a look around Loviya, and we hope it will help you as much as it has helped us and other parents. 
We are constantly adding new items and brands. If you think we are missing out on any items or brands, please do not hesitate to let us know via the new item request form. For feedback on how our website and service can be improved, or addition of new merchants, you can contact us via or the Contact us page.