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Loviya curates the best prices and offers in Singapore for yourself and your little ones.

We help you to compare prices for your baby & maternity and beauty & skincare products, from the leading online merchants and marketplaces in Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for diapers, milk formula, strollers, or skin serums and makeup essentials, you can count on Loviya for the best deals.

Our story

Price comparison for baby and mum

Loviya was started to help parents and parents-to-be save on necessities for baby and mummy.

The savings can be huge: by comparing prices between different online merchants for the same brand of milk powder and diapers, you can save on average $5470 for the first 6 years of your child’s life.

Price comparison for beauty and skincare

But as much as we love our adorable mini-mes, we cannot neglect to pamper ourselves.

That’s why Loviya now covers beauty and skincare items as well. Again, the savings are not to be sniffed at, not when Singaporeans spend $600 on average per year just on cosmetics.

From serums and facial masks to lipsticks, mascaras and even hair treatments, self-care does not need to dent a big hole in your wallet.

Our mission: Singapore’s best price comparison and checking tool 

We strive to be the best tool in Singapore to help you compare, check and track prices easily.

Through Loviya, you can:

  • Easily monitor price changes and stay updated on the best deals via price alerts. Prices on Loviya are updated daily.
  • Make safe purchases based on not only low prices, but also reliability.
  • Make purchases easily. Links are provided directly to the product pages on the online merchants’ websites.

The price information on Loviya is objective and unbiased. While prices by the respective online marketplaces and merchants are already very competitive, comparing between them will help you save even more.

Prices on Loviya can also serve as a reference/benchmark when you buy from any other online or physical stores.

Online merchants and marketplaces on Loviya

And in case you’re wondering, here’re some of the online retailers on Loviya:

So take a look around Loviya, and we hope it will help you as much as it has helped us and thousands of other users.

We are constantly adding new items and brands. If you think we are missing out on any items or brands, please do not hesitate to let us know via the new item request form.

For feedback on how our website and service can be improved, or addition of new merchants, you can contact us via contact@loviya.com or the Contact us page.